WeLcoMe tO my WonderLaND !

thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Friday, April 30, 2010

heaVY woRk lOaD ~

2dae nOt a goOd daY foR me.. my compUter graphic lecturer gave me the assignment was really crazy !.. im very bad in drawing bt i need to create my own cultural pattern that as big as a poster size in Illustrator and aLl about drawing, drawing and drawiNg! y cultural ??? aLl because of the oNe Malaysia CAmpaign.. i dont like this title..so Boring.. my Mass comm assignment was regarding about 3 races iN malaysia aNd now coMputer 3 cultural pattern puLak..!!! OMG !!!! can the foLLowing assignment stay aWay fRom the big idea of ONE MALAYSIA ?? it really making me sick !!! arghhh!!! anybody good at iLlustrator ??? i Need hElp badLy ! =s

fiNally oNe whoLe weeK oF tiriNg and long hoUrs of classes eNdeD at the MOment .. i hv 2days for my weeKend but 1 daY wiLL be oUt and i left only another dAy but i have Plenty oF work to do.. i need time donatioN !!!! preferable sleEping tiMe doNatioN hahah!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

tiRINg thursdAy !!

heLLo everyOne .. hoW u guys doIng great??? i wasn't that goOd !!! =( i duNNo why i felt so tiriNg and diZZy 2dae... maYbe i couldnt Not sleep weLL yesterdAY!!!! 2dae after my clAss baCk hOme anD wrAp uP all my stuff theN gotta gO foR shOotiNg d.. nO time to reSt !!!

bUt thX miCHeLle for making suCh a nice appetizer.. simple and yet tasty !!! i feeL like make soMe appetizer alSo.. anyOne dare to be my white mouse??? LOL !

( this is toast bread saNdwich tuNa ) yUmm... yUm...

(what a good combination of pineapple and strawberry jaM ) i Love this so muCh !!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

USB flash drive aS dOor key ...

a latest iNventiOn... !! Listen Up Listen Up !

do you ever thiNk of using ur USB flash drive / some ppl call it pendrive can function as a key ? a latest invention by the taiwan student (高雄中山高商學生) they invented this USB can function as a key to open door ... the one and only key that customize for you !!!! Not only can open for your house door bt also office door and even CAR door =) CHUN ya !

iS really convenience and is all computerize each diff door hv diff code for it..
you can also use this as a normal pendrive where u save file and pictures ... everything in 1 small tiny device ..

bt i think there is a pro's and con's
what if i lost the USB i cant enter my house.. aNd you cant go to the stall or shop to match a new pair immediately bt you need to pay quite a number of amount to get a new 1.. bt if ur house has many many door..it may be helpful ..u dont need to carry the heavy heap of key in your pocket or bag..

many ppl may wondering then all their door must hv the same code izzit??
NO .. nO.. nOo..
every door they hv different code and the pendrive saVe all the code 2gether so once you plug in the pendrive it can automatically detect the code and you be able to Access!!

wonder when it wiLL be Launch Hmm Hmm hMM ...
let's Look forward for it ..

iM bad iN drAwiNg !!!

juSt baCk fRoM cOllege .. feeLing tired aNd i reaLly cant staNd da heat!!!

iN da claSS iM freezing bt oNce iM outside hOt !!!

this kind of weather reaLly kiLling anD make ppl easily fall sick..

so reMember take good care yA pPl !!! driNK mOre water =)

2dae attended computer graphics class.. and lecturer were asking us to draw something using Illustrator..iM bad iN drawiNg and here are some of my works ...

( it looks like jacket and trousers bt it suppose to be soMething eLse )

(my ugLy pc of woRks with colour)

(lecturer versioN )

( my versioN )

i reaLLy hV No taleNt iN drawiNg and i used to get a D when i was in primary school for drawing classes.. =p
i hope i could have a pair of artistics hands and draw anything and everything i like..=)

weDnesdAy MoRniNg !

yAwN ~~~

sO sleepy ...

i hV claSses at 12pm - 6pm continuousLy..

it wiLL be a tiriNg daY ..

uNfortunateLy i caNt go gyM 2dae =(

aLl my muscLe pAin coZ of the lAst 2daY

i diD tOo extreMe d aNd nOw everywhere pAin

just Like oLd " neneK " nOw =s

oUtside My roOm nOt suNny aNd not raiNing dAy

mAke me feeL like lying doWn oN my wArm bed !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


hey everyone who reading my blog right now !! wonder y i create a blog?

aLot of people beeN asking me :
friends : "hey, jojo do u hv a blog"?

jojo : " ermMMm .. nO"

friends : " why not"?

jojo : " i dont like writing "

and i was thinking ya why not to share things that i know and the things that happen surrounding me .. i love sharing !

weLcome YOu YOU yOu yOu you drOp by at my bloggie =)

stAy tuNe !!!