WeLcoMe tO my WonderLaND !

thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Monday, December 27, 2010


This xmas eve i went to a K session with my secondary classmate [ my best buddy ] .. I found out something.. one of my fren name JOE EE he can sing like Khalil FOng.. at first i dont really believe coz I heard his voice b4 when we were in Form 5.. he dont really want to take the mic and even he take it he also sing kinda soft.. so wasnt really notice his voice.. but on xmas eve my fren told me he can sing like khalil i was like are you sure..? and he perform it live.. OMG!!!!!!!!! exactly the same.. !! so impressive.. he sing the song that are not khalil also sound like khalil!!! to me i had a feeling like khalil is in the K room.. hahah good job JOE EE.. We are asking him to join singing competition.. i think he can really be an artist 1 day... THUMB UP to him.. here's the short clip that sang by him:

in case to those who do not know who is Khalil there's a Khalil picture below..

do you hv the same thinking as me ?? his voice like Khalil...

My xMas Gift ..

This year I get the largest dimension gift from my beloved Bby Bby.. haha A Canon printer..=)I wanted to buy a printer for a long time d..coz the previous 1 spoil d.. but he didnt tell me he gonna buy that and suddenly he came to my hse with hand holding the big box.. unexpected! he's da one who ask me not to waste money to buy present therefore i listen to him and I did not buy anything but he went to buy present for me without telling me.. =-=" ! but i appreciate it.. THX BBY BBY for the gift.. =)

I dont really like gift that is not useful after since 18.. coz i found out that my room full of bears, key chains and all unnecessary stuff.. i dont know should i keep it or throw it or give it to the other.. but at the end I make a choice of keeping it.. therefore my room is just like full of stuff.. and it makes my room kinda dusty .. Therefore, the present for my BBy and myself are no longer unnecessary things.. is all useful =)

Kah CHun and ShirLey wedding ..

yesterday went to my cousin wedding dinner at golden dragonboat restaurant at KG.PANDAN, KL. There is 80tables.. which mean the hall has 800 people OMG!!! you may thinking wow it will be so crowded..surprisingly it wasnt not.. it doesnt seem like there're 800people.. maybe the hall too big.. there're still plenty of place to walk around.. =) the food taste bad ! and it takes such a long time to serve the dish ~ the worst thin is there's no entertainment that is why I felt bored..

I been attending people's wedding every year and being their witness! i felt so proud and happy for them..hope they hv a wonderful life and live happily ever after.. =)

There're are some picture I took yesterday nite.. Hope u enjoy see-ing it.. =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


last saturday was a fun day with a group of cool ppl, [ derrick , mike , masayo , jessica, peggy ] I had lots of fun shooting with them... although the shooting is start from 7pm - 2am.. but when i saw the outcome is like WOW !!! thx mike for making me doesnt look like myself.. and thx peggy @ peggmode for the wonderful outfit.. not to forget jessica for doing the make up... u guys are so great ! To those who browse through my facebook im sure u guys have seen the picture... But here comes some behind the scene picture... check it out... ~

JOJO with the designer PEGGY ~

JOJO with make up artist JESSICA

JESSICA applying make up on me..

Self Snap ~

The process

JESSICA applying make up on me

I love this style so much !

This is my favourite picture among all.. what do you think ?

HAHA ~ my sis said i look like janice dickinson in this picture.. Do u think so too? let's see ~~ hMmm ! she's so much nicer in all ways..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Heya.. How are you? Is been quite sometime till the last time i update my blog.. this whole month was busy with assignment and eXam.. I hv no time to take a breath.. I hv plenty of stuff to share with u guys but let me settle my 2 video that needed to be edit, a script writing and a photobook assignment i wiLl post them up one by one.. although is a little outdate but I will try my best to Update my current activities as much and as soon as possible.. =)

3more days is X'mas.. is like a glimpse of eyes then is the end of the year alr.. Maybe due to my busy routine that why time passes so fast.. the worst thing is im gonna turN 21 years old soon.. OMG!!!!! im so old.... sO envy those who are 18.. ! i admit im old d.. is time for me to retire.. haha yeah RETIRE !!!! How i wish ~

Now days wake up so early in the morning and sleep late at nite to rush all my assignment coz there will be no semester break.. as soon as u finish ur work then the remaining days b4 10th jan 2011 is ur holiday.. OMG!!! so pity la.. all the pimples, eye bag and dark circle visit me d.. Sighh !!! Is not easy to be in the production line.. gotta work 10X harder than other job.. the worst part is there's no working hours.... they will just tell u 9am - 5pm.. but that will never happen in production line...

So gotta stay strong and work hard !!!!!!!! PPL out there.. let's work hard together !!!

have u make ur 2011 wish??? or you have not decide what is ur wishes?

tell you the truth I dont really believe in making wish.. Coz it will never come true.. continuous 3 years I been making wishes.. not even 1 of my wish come true.. How bad is that ..sigh! some ppl say is all depend on ur mindset.. ya I keep it clear and set my own goal.. but somehow it will never happen... =( ANyway, I wiLL still continue to make my wish because you will never know in one day your dream will come true.. so pray hard for me ya.. =) and I will pray hard for u.. !

Saturday, December 18, 2010

















我觉得超准的~看看你的准不准~ 我是牡羊座 =)