WeLcoMe tO my WonderLaND !

thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KOREA~ im coMing =)

Now is 7.15pm 31 Aug tuesday.. ppl celebrate Merdeka but im leaving MSIA.. hahah Me and my siS sitting at the airport and wait for the time for departure.. my flight is at 9.15 pm but i will reach korea at 7am the next day..coz need to transit at KK airport later.. gotta be at the airport for 1 hour.. =s my sleeping time for the day can only be in the flight..once i reach Korea alot things to do d.. no time to rest at hotel d.. =( im so exhausted..wanted to take a nap in the afternoon but afraid i cant sleep at nite so i force myself to stay awake till now..so pity oO ~ I will be away from 31 AUG - 9 SEPT.. pray hard for all my sickness will not visit me again..My bad stomachache had destroy my Penang trip oN last wed.. PPL happy holidays ~

*I wiLl update my blog time to time if I get to connect the internet at Korea ~ hopefully it works~

Sticker phOto ~

yesterday went to KL @ sungai wang to take sticker photo with my bby bby.. this is what we DId Once a Year .. As we compare baCk the photo with the previous year there's lots of difference .. Unfortunately the biggest sticker photo shop @ sungai wang close down.. =( we go aLl the way there But eNd up Didnt get tO take.. hMmp !!!! suCh a profitable shop but it close down for no reason~ wonder wHat's wrg... theN We do Not know where eLse have this shOp..coZ v oNly Do it once a yeAr and not a regular customer... sO We really scratch our head hard.. Bby BBy decided to caLl the Sunway pyramid information counter coz the highest probability shopping mall that have the sticker photo shop.. and YES !! they have it there.. so we go all the way to Sunway and snap.. When we reach there out of around 10+ machine but only 3 are function.. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! as you know all this machine is in japanese and I dont even understand a single word... Im afraid those machine that I never take before the colour quality will not good then you dont understand the instruction you may click the wrg option and the whole thing Gone !!! but luckily get to assist by the promoter.. =) here's the outcome.. :

this is not the machine that I wanted.. SO force to use and snap it ~ i dont really satisfy =( there're more but this 2 are the best one's .

Check it out the 5 years differences.. follow the number 1-5 in sequence to see the Difference..
1. taken during 2006
2. taken during 2007
3. taken during 2008
4. taken during 2009
5. taken during 2010

alot difference rite??? I look Old and mOre mature alr.. wu ~ wu ~

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wash my shorter hair ~

2dae is the 1st day i wash my hair after the hair cut on saturday.. I really not used to it.. I apply the amount of shampoo like what I usually DId but it was too too much for my current hairstyle.. I rinse with water I felt kinda weird coz my hand keep Slip away..I no longer can use the method that I always use to wash my hair..=( but is so much easier to wash it now.. After Shampoo, I apply the conditioner Oops.. Once again... too many ~ so hard to control it.. gotta really use to it d.. if not i keep wasting my shampoo and conditioner..

the current hairstyle advantages:

1. 5 minutes blow hair [ previously 15minutes]
2. after shampoo without apply conditioner my hair wont tie a knot.. the texture is just the same as after apply conditioner
3. easy to comb
4. light and easier to maintain
5. no longer drop hair [ =) ]

the current hairstyle disadvantages :
1. need to do temperorary straightening
2. since my hair length is at shoulder, the end of my hair keep curve up and make my hair wavy =s
3. cannot have much hairstlye
4. not used to it [ ugly ]
5. need to wait for months to grow it longer [ my hair grow kinda slow =(]

I did not regret to have this hair cut decision but not really convenience for me at the moment. I look infront of the mirror i feel weird is like missing something.. Maybe still fresh and new that why im not used to it.. Coz my long hair has been follow me for hMm hMm ~ 3 , 5 , 7 ohh 7 years .. after standard 5 i no longer cut my hair short.. anyway after sometime i think it will be ok.. What do you think about my hairstyle?? previously long hair look better or currently shorter hair better? or both also not ok?? kindly drop ur comment here if there's any =)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

my 83 cm long hair GONE ~

today finALly went to saLon and cut away my 83 CM Long Long hair... noW left around 31CM only.. kinda short... but it is something new to me.. stiLL not used to this hair length but my head is lighten ~~ =) toDAy I dye my hair as weLL.. previously was blonde kiNda bored with that colour d.. so i change it to copper brown ~ but some how it turns out kinda red and orangie.. bt atlease it still look ok.. =)




I wonder how long do I need to wait for my hair to grow long again?

Monday, August 23, 2010

BBY BBY 22nd BirthdAY ~

24th AUg is my beloved Bby BBy bdae.. went to One utama 2dae to have a small celebration with him.. but he's too clever.. he has 6 sense.. and therefore he alwiz get to sense what im going to do.. wanna have a surprise celebration for him also kinda hard.. gotta plan ahead and think alot of tricks..

At first my plan is i will send the cake to his house and let him blow the candle outside the house without letting him noe i will go over..but how sad things doesnt work that way... at the end i took the cake and bring to WONG KOK and just have a small celebration for him.. BBy BBy hOpe u like the cake and the present oO..

I bought a haagen dAz cake for him.. this is the first time we try the Haagen daz cake.. kiNda regret coZ it doesnt taste good and really kinda expensive for half kg... the price i can buy 2kg cake from king's ...expensive i dont mind but im paying that much of amount and get kinda bad cake..but anyway i tot of trying something new.. Coz kinda bored with Baskin Robbin, secret recipe cake alr.. bUt at the end the taste wasnt as expected and the service.. OMG !!! super bad ~ but nv try nv know.. nOw i know alr.. =) Haagen daz cake doesnt taste good..

Once again HapPy bdae BBY BBy ~ may all ur wish come true..
I wish u become mOre handsome and become more muscular.. hahah
Love u ~

this is how the cake look like..it looks delicious ~ in fact it is not..

this is how the packaging look like.. u know what.. this is the 1st time i receive a cake without the knife to cut the cake.. i didnt check ~ but in all the normal cake shop they provide.. but why Haagen Daz do not hv it?? or maybe seldom ppl order cake from them that why they are not familiar.. once i reach the restaurant only i realize that OMG !! they expect i cut the cake using my own knife? LOL ~ terrible

it look great at the outlook but inside taste bad ~ even king's cake is better ~

another funny thing happen ~ the cake hard like a stone i cant even place BBy BBy candle.. and force to leave it on the top ~

the candle keep falling down..then bby gotta use his hand and hold the candle..so pity..

HAAGEN DAZ cake spoil my bby bby bdae celebration ~~

Short hair + SHort frinGe ~

I always wonder how do i look like with a short hair.. I have short hairstyle during my stadard 5 but after that is just long or mid length till today.. i really bored of it ..I tot of cutting my hair short.. i do not know izzit a good choice therefore I took a friend wig to test it on .. and i get alot of feedback that i look better with long hair.. i think cause of my face is kinda wide and big that why cannot suit short hair.. hOw sad ~ but im afraid i will regret as well..therefore is safer to listen to friends advice.. =)

This saturday is the day i gotta cut away my super lOng hair..FINALLY ~ i wiLl post it up my current hair length soon... i measure it few month ago it was 73cm.. but now i think it will be longer than tat length.. Bored of goLd hair colour as well d.. any new hair colour suggestion for me?? i plan to go for chestnut brown .. atlease have something new ~

ANother problem appear.. should i have fringe or without fringe?? some ppl comment i look great with fringe but some say not.. I personally hate fringe because blocking my forehead and it may causes u to grow pimple.. even i hv fringe i will just pin it up.. really hard decision~ hMm ~

although alot of u may think that just cut watever goes into ur mind.. ur hair will grow anyway.. but the problem is if u cut a hairstyle which do not suit u ..then u may be suffer to look ugly for few months.. not only that my hair grow kinda slow..it takes years to grow that why I need to plan ~~ I wish my hair can grow faster so i can frequently change hairstyle but how sad it doesnt happen on me.

let me show u how i look like with a short hairstyle.. :

I personally think i Look older with short hair.. how weird.. normally ppl cut short their hair they will look younger but im another way round..

This is the chesnut brown i mentioned ~

those fringe that still under consideration ~~


No.1:越不顯眼,危機越少的 "巨蟹座" 。

No.2:能力第一,外貌其次的 "魔羯座" 。

No.3:調整標準,適應對方的 "雙魚座" 。

不在乎女生外貌的星座排行 我也没进榜~ 有那一个女生不爱美?我真的不信~ 每个人都想成为最完美的女生~但往往很多东西都有极限所以无法完成!别放弃~大家一起加油吧!=)

男人背後最無聲的老婆星座排行 ~






我的星座没在榜内~ 我承认我是没可能不出声的~我不会默默支持的但是我会用我的举动来传达~我不是小女人我是大女人! 哈哈

EXpresSion ..

I received a mail from my bf on friday.. he sent the following picture to me and thi picture shows that i have different expression for different day and have different mood for each day .. DO i really Look differently each dAy ? hMm ~
what about monday???

Friday, August 20, 2010

Simple princess hair bun ..

I been looking for this rubber band quite sometime.. I cant find it =(

taiwan , japan and korea was a common thing.. but why i cant find it in malaysia?? *sob Sob

easy step and make ur hair look grand and tidy.. do not need to waste money for a hair do in the saloon which cost u min RM30.. use this oval shape of rubber band u can simply make a great hairstlye which cost only RM3.90 according to the taiwan selling price and unlimited time of usage.. this hairstyle can be apply to parties, functions, college , outing anywhere and everywhere..

Let's have a look how to make this simple hair do..










2day is the last day of my FINAL exam.. HUrayyyy !!!!!! although i have only enough time to finish up the questions but i hv no extra time to do checking.. sket cannot get a good grade.. =s

Anyway went to One Utama celebrate with my beloved classmate after eXam.. [ Penny, FIon, Ivy, Emily, Fei Fei, Carmen, Jeremy, Jared and Ah boon] We had our brunch at WONG KOK ~~ eat till fat fat and full full then went to watch a wonderful movie 戀愛通告LOVE IN DISGUISE ..

this movie was funny from the front part till the middle part.. But at the end is all about LOVE STORY ~ However it is a good show.. enjoy watching it..
Although im not a big fans of LEE HOM bt this movie make me fall in love with him.. WU wu wu.. he's just handsome as alwiz.. although he had a very ugly look which is " Ah De " in the movie bt handsome guy no matter with a ugly outfit he will still look great..
those who have watched if you dont mind can share ur opinion about the movie here... whether you like it or not..For those who havent watch no harm watching im sure you will laugh alot.. it is really entertaining.. very matching with the new song he wrote 你不知道的事... one of my favourite song at the moment.. =)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010







覺得便宜不一定有好貨 但貴的通常是好貨.









我是牡羊座(03/21~04/19) 说的蛮准的~我给人的印象就是很凶啊!不认识我的人都不敢接近我..其实认识了我,我是很善良的!不是你们想的那样~别让我的外表给骗了~看看说的你准吗?


today no classes but went to college to show my Computer Graphic work to my Beloved lecturer.. my FINAL project for this subject.. gone tru alot of hard time.. im not good at creative work and im not good at software as well.. therefore all this while all the project i really have a hard time to complete it.. but YES !! finally comes to the end.. i dont wish to fail the subject and see him again..that y i work very hard... force myself to Do things that i dont really like..

Anyway~he accepted my 2 ideas for the ambient ads.. but need to create the visual and show it to him.. and HURAYYYYyyyyyyy i get approved =) *winkz.. bt bt bt... 1 of the work he said need to change the colour and a lil font style and size.. but atlease is a YES for me.. =) QUite happy when i heard the word.. " Not bad"

my lecturer is very high demand on assignment.. it sound easy to get your work approve by him .. but tell u what.. i been showing him 9+6+2 = 17 ideas.. and he approved 3 only..So sad.. is really hard work.. coz 1st u nid to think of an idea which can convince him.. then the msg in the ambient ads.. and the visual as well... is quite hard to get a "OK" word out from his mouth... and i been showing him my work for 6 times alr.. and if still a NO i gotta bang to the wall.. =s

Today is the last day i could show him my work.. but hope i score okay for this subject coz it carries 40% out of 100% is quite heavy .. i dont wish to retake the course and do everything once again... really tough time !

All my beloved classmate.. dont feel sad when he rejected your work... i understand that feeling so much because i get rejected 14 times.. WHen he said "NO" to my work..i felt my heart broken and my mind is stuck.. just like a raining and windy day for me..but at some point he will definitely approve it.. nO worries... Just treat it as easy come and easy gO.. =) and the smiling bright sun will look for you ~ Let's GAMBATEH together... =)

擁有的科技高跟鞋 ~






Tuesday, August 17, 2010

today advertising final..

YEAH !!!!!!!!! my advertising paper is over.. 1 more paper on fri then im done with my this semester FINAL exam.. hurayy !!! luckily today advertising wasn't hard.. but having a hard time choosing 5 questions out of 10.. I knew 7 questions but it was hard to pick and choose out of the 7 questions which 5 to be written on the answer sheet.. im afraid i will regret after choosing the wrong one.. but hopefully what i choosen is a right choice..but i been writing plenty of things and my arm and finger are so painful now... =( .. finally my mind no longer trap with info.. and now are realeased.. =)

Monday, August 16, 2010

1 more nite to go ..

1 more nite to go and 2moro is my another Final exam paper.. which is the hardest subject [ Advertising Principle] i been struggling for a week to try my best memories all the important key term and understand it.. my mind now is full of information.. advertising is just too informative..so many things to know and learn.. but without advertising we are not who we are today..

HATE and LOVE u advertising.. !!!!

I cant wait to end my final exam for this semester.. the last day will be this coming friday 20/08/2010.. I hate exam.. =s I used to have no comment towards exam.. but since after form 5 i no longer have interest towards exam d.. I wonder why hMM ~ hMm ~ however after 2moro i can be more relax and not so stress up.. Friday english exam i wish to do well in my grammar.. Just wish that everything end faster so that i can enjoy my 1 month + holiday..

Give me all ur luck ppl..
Pray hard for easy exam paper 2moro.. **

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


千萬不要… 床頭掛風鈴
原因是… 風鈴容易招來好兄弟,而睡覺的時候是最容易被〝 入侵〞的時刻,你說呢?

千萬不要… 夜遊
原因是… 八字輕的人千萬不要夜遊,否則只會自找麻煩…

千萬不要… 拔腳毛
原因是… 俗話說:「一支腳毛,管三個鬼」,所以腳毛越多 的人鬼越不敢靠近

千萬不要… 非特定場合燒冥紙
原因是… 冥紙是燒給好兄弟的,金紙是燒給神的,燒冥紙的 結果只會招來更多的好兄弟

千萬不要… 偷吃祭品
原因是… 這些是屬於好兄弟的食物,未經過他們的同意就動 用,只會替自己招來難以解決的厄運

千萬不要… 晚上曬衣服
原因是… 當好兄弟覺得你的衣服好看,他就會借去穿,順便 在衣服上留下他的味道……

千萬不要… 喊名字
原因是… 夜遊的時候千萬不要叫出名字,盡量都以代號相稱,以免被 好兄弟記住你的名字

千萬不要… 游泳
原因是…此時好兄弟會和你玩鬼抬腳的遊戲,一不小心,命就 被抬走了…

千萬不要… 亂看
原因是…好兄弟喜歡躲起來嚇人,萬一亂看被嚇到了,就是他 們入侵你最好的時候

千萬不要… 榕樹放在家門口

千萬不要… 熬夜

千萬不要… 靠牆
原因是…好兄弟平時喜歡依附在冰涼的牆上休息,此舉很容易 引起鬼上身

千萬不要… 撿路邊的錢
原因是…這些錢是用來買通牛頭馬面的,如果侵犯了他們東西 ,就很容易被他們教訓…

千萬不要… 輕易的回頭
原因是…當走在荒郊野外或人煙稀少的地方時,覺得『好像』 有人叫你,不要輕易回頭,那可能是好兄弟…

千萬不要… 不能隨地勾肩搭背
原因是…人的身上有3把火,頭頂一把,左右肩膀各一把,只? n滅 了其中1把,就容易被好兄弟〝上身〞

千萬不要… 拖鞋頭朝床的方向
原因是…好兄弟會看鞋頭的方向來判斷生人在哪裡,如果鞋頭 朝床頭擺,那麼好兄弟就會上床和你一起睡…

千萬不要… 晚上拍照

千萬不要… 拖鞋整齊的放床邊
原因是…在外旅行時,拖鞋整齊的放在床邊,會招來靈界朋友 的好奇,造成他們的鬧床…

千萬不要… 吹口哨

信不信由你~但千万不要刻意的做哦以免不想的事情发生.. 有些防范也是好的~


鬼节要来咯!可是你有想过為什麼七月是鬼月吗? 不妨了解下吧!













Tuesday, August 10, 2010


2dae was my mass comm final exam.. wasn't a good day.. yesterday suddenly have stomachache.. and this morning the pain wake me up im force to fall asleep in a sitting position but luckily after take some medicine i feel much better.. now adays my stomach seem to be very sensitive .. easily to get diarrhoea and wind .. not good not good !! =( 2dae exam paper was quite difficult to me although i fully prepared and memorize all the important key point .. but when i got the paper i run thru the questions it seem quite difficult.. need common sense but the bad thing is i do not have common sense.. but when i start to write something on the paper and all the ideas and thought out of sudden run into my head and i did manage to answer all what i think is correct and double check it.. that what i always do DOUBLE CHECK ! Miss JO the exam wasn't easy !!! but at the end i found wasn't hard also.. hope i can score well.. Now very headache on the advertising.. so many things to study and so many things to memorize the info is like double or triple of the mass comm.. But now i gotta rush for my computer graphic assignment then afterthat will still like what i did in the past few days stick with my note and Make love with them .. *winkz* I really lock myself in the room and wake up early morning to study !! no choice im not smart that what i can do.. MEMORIZE !!! ppl give me ur luck ya.. =) cant wait after exam all the activities.. penang, korea , ipoh IM COMING !!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2moro last day of Class..

2moro is the last day of class in this semester and we have our final presentation for DCM ,DGD and DIB ! i gotta miss u guys so much especially the HOT and Pretty ladies in my class.. This few days busy with my studies and final assignment.. 10th , 17th and 20th there is a final exam for me.. I had read thru all the notes but still cant rmb all the important point yet.. this weekend i gonna lock myself in the room and study !!! but what make me cant concentrate is the computer graphic final project.. luckily he say OK to the ideas that i proposed to him but still need to have a good photoshop skill to persuade him .. that is the tough part.. OMG !!!! hope that end of the month is around so that everything had settle and my exam is over.. looking forward to my holiday trip.. but now working hard and die hard strive for my FINALS !!!!!!!!!!!! ppl give me all ur lucks ya..































如果你的太陽星座或是上升星座是天秤座,農曆鬼月期間,戀愛機會雖然比較多,但是可別輕易的愛上陌生人,否則輕易相信戀人的鬼話,可愛情人也會變成桃花鬼 。這段時間天秤座自信增加,非常想要談戀愛,但是不要一下子被戀愛氣氛衝昏了頭,談戀愛還是謹慎、三思而後行。


如果你的太陽星座或是上升星座是獅子座,農曆鬼月期間,戀愛機會大爆發,獅子座常常自命風流,喜歡在外面稿七捻三,但是適逢鬼月整體運低,流連夜店的結果 就是遇到桃花鬼。獅子座兩性交往以“愛玩、敢玩”著稱,但是夜路走多了,總有遇到鬼的一天。











Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Ah SAM" presentation !

2day I have my Final Creative Thinking presentation with few lovely ladies [ Fion Heng , Penny Liew , Ivy Liew and AngeLine Chong ] we act as Ah sAm with the name of [ Ah yuk , Ah G , Ah kam , AH Fa and Ah Bou ] the following is how we look like for the " ah sAm " look this is the 1st time i wear such a ugly clothes infront of so many people.. in order to get a good grade we give our best and sacrifice ..

After all we have a group photo 2gether without all the " ah sam " look

2day was the last class of creative thinking.. thanks to my lovely lecturer Miss May Yan for teaching us.. had a great and fun time with u!

the following are some of the crazy Black ladies and the Crazy BLACK & White ppL

Monday, August 2, 2010

A series oF latest Heels Design

I fouNd this Online.. A series of high heels for this season trend.. I love the design and the colour.. some is just simple but yet elegant and class.. some was just so outstanding.. all this heels cost below RM50 can u imaging that..??so CHEAP !!! but the bad news is you can only get it in taiwan.. I wish i could have all of them.. =(

Last day of JuLy ..

yesterdae 31.07.2010 sunday last day of july was a great day.. me and some of my GREAT + LOVELY + CRAZY college frens went to Taman Tun Park to have a photoshooting session for our 2moro Creative thinking FInal presentation .. HAd lots of fun at the park although We gotta wake up early in morning and do it.. but was quite satisfy with the result and also More than what i expected !! * CLAP CLAP * thx IVY , PENNY , FION and ANGELINE for the great job and effort... really had lots of fun working with u guys.. the Kit Kat and also this oNe.. u guys are GREAT !!!!!!!!!!! 2dae when rehearsal u guys make me Laugh like MAD !!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! i laugh until my jawbone so painful .. but hope 2moro our final group work 2gether will be a great show ya.. ALL THE BEST to US ya !!!!