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Thursday, March 31, 2011

MCD fever ~

the MCD worker very kind.. although passed 11am but they still allow those who waited and Q-ing for so long to buy the promotion..

tOday is the last day of MCD FREE 2 big breakfast with a purchase of RM5.. I get a voucher from my aunty and me and my sis went to MCD early in the morning...

at first we went the SS2 brunch.. u noe what the crowd is CRAZY !!! Q until at the middle of the road.. OMG!!!! after we park our car only we realized that.. therefore we quickly went to another brunch at KJ.. still the same Q until the roadside but not as crazy as the SS2 brunch.. me and my sis waited for like an hour.. i still tot that last day of purchasing should be lesser ppl.. bcoz this promotion had been run for a month.. I did noe that coz im not a MCD fans.. i just get the voucher yesterday..

the problem is im still sick and i hv no voice how am i gonna order??? luckily my sis with me if not i can only point here and there.. LOL ~~ *hate being "MUTE" ..coz im talkative !!! =p

i hv only 1 voucher.. but it seem like Q for such a long time but u only get to buy 2 set is not so worth it.. therefore a aunty there is so kind she gave me 2 more voucher therefore i can buy another 4 more set.. TQ aunty !!!

I walk out the MCD with 6 set of big breakfast.. im sick and i lost my voice but im here to eat MCD.. OMG!!!!!

is just like after shopping... LOL

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


每次搭飛機都會耳鳴!!不過只要吞口水又好了~~~過了一下又開始耳鳴!!感覺耳朵被塞住~~吞到沒口水吞!!為什麼~很煩耶!! 大家来了解一下吧~ 飛機下降時,耳朵易不適 多年來,筆者常利用春節或暑假期間,帶全家赴國外旅遊,觀察到每當飛機開始下降時(尤其是長程航線),機上若有年輕父母懷抱嬰幼兒同行,此時這些嬰幼兒太多會不約而同開始哭鬧(群嬰亂哭)、躁動不安,且時間持續5分鐘以上,而這時恰也是飛機上紅燈亮起,乘客被要求繫緊座位安全帶(fasten seat belt)的時刻。 人類耳、咽之間,有一條由軟骨內黏膜的歐式管(eustachian tube),用來平衡中耳與大氣壓,但又必須避免鼻咽的分泌物流入中耳或中耳的分泌物跑到鼻咽。平常歐式管是保持關閉的,但當人們做吞嚥、打呵欠,或強忍不打出呵欠的動作,及能使嘴巴保持正壓的任何方法(modified valsalva maneuver)(如捏鼻閉嘴來吹氣),皆能促使一些顎邊肌肉收縮,將耳咽間的歐式管打通。(咽-->耳) 依波以爾定律,飛機起飛時,氣壓降低,密閉的中耳內空氣膨脹造成正壓,會自動地不需任何肌肉收縮,打開歐式管來平衡中耳與大氣壓差;反之當飛機下降時,大氣壓上升,中耳內氣壓相對下降,除非主動作一些可打開歐式管的動作(如前述),否則管內徑會塌陷(collape),滲液會被拉入中耳,大氣壓-中耳內壓差達 (1)3~5毫米汞柱,病人會感覺中耳漲。 (2)10~15毫米汞柱,病人會聽力吵嘈。 (3)30毫米汞柱,會開始耳痛。 (4)60毫米汞柱,會嚴重耳痛,甚至耳鳴、眩暈。 (5)100~500mmhg則耳膜會破裂。 事實上,當大氣壓超過中耳內壓80mmhg以上時,歐式管因軟骨部塌陷,再也無法輕易打通。

Thursday, March 17, 2011


這輩子誰會與你相伴一生???? 赶快测验吧~







我的答案是A哦~ 我也希望是我的伴侣陪我一生哦!!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The world END?

As everyone noe that japan is facing some serious tsunami and earthquake the past few days.. it seem like a sign of world end??

theN the blast at Japan nuke plant, radiation threat rises..the radiation can cause skin problem, cancer and many more sickness towards human ~ the main problem is the radiation cant be seen by human eyes.. it might just in the air ! for the moment, it is advisable open an umbrella when u're out and try to stay in the building... dont expose yourself towards the polluted air... ~

everyday on the Tv and internet u can get all the news about how the property being destroyed, human body not found and dead.

We as a human cant fight with the god.. is time for human to pay what they had did in the past ! although we might be the victim, but that's life... no one can live a happy life 4ever..

my grandmother ask me " if the world end, how do i look for u?" I told her we will all leave in another planet or even another place like the heaven.. but the best place u can look for me is at my home.. i will be at my home all the time...

It seem she really worried about the world end.. who doesnt?? the movie 2012 and the date of world end by the scientist prediction 21.12.2012 it seem getting nearer and nearer...

what you can do now is live your life to the fullest... you might not know what gonna happen next.. if u have plenty of thing to achieve try your best to achieve it...

feel like travel? carry on ~ but dont spend all your money ... left some for your daily expenses as well.. what if the date of world end extended?

I used to be a person who afraid of dead.. when i was a kid i told myself i duwan to die... but as i grow older.. dead to me it seem like in the middle... you cant prevent it for coming nor u can allow it..

fRom now on.. i try my best to do watever i can to make myself happy.. even if im dead atlease i hv a happy life b4 ...

you can see that many country are doing save the environment campaigne, go green and etc.. but dont you think is too late to do so? when the problem is discover everyone should start to play their parts.. not only when is in the critical stage only look 4 immediate solution ~

My sis ask me something funny what if this batch of people in the world is gone? is there another batch of people? i would say the world might be no human.. but with ET and Alien.. hahah watch too much cartoon ~

So what's ur opinion about world end?

New Media exam..

just after my 1st exam paper foR this sem.. OMG!!! it is not easy.. what i studied it can only appLy to the paper perhaps 1/4 ?? some tembak bt correct 2 words bt the 1st word is wrong.. but what make me so angry is..simple terminology but i think it too far away.. and is WRONG !!!! study so hard but when u see the exam paper you feel like throw the paper in the dustbin... hahaha

hOpefully i can score well in this paper.. atlease a B if i couldnt get an A... dont give me a C kay??

Now i need to take a nap ~ and continue with my next exam paper revisioN on moral ~~~ completed 8 chapters 3 more to gO... hOpe i can recall back the 8 chapters and score an A ya..

wuahhaha ~~~~ to those who having exam as the same time as me.. wish u all the best and good luck !!!!!!!! study hard =)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

exam ..

now adays im busy with my revision on my coming exam... 12 of march and also 23 of march... need to memories alot of notes... =s cant wait 4 my holidays after exam.. 24 i wiLL be going to Singapore for a short trip... wanted to go Taiwan but couldnt make it d.. So at the end decided to travel to the nearest country which is Singapore ~~~ excited !!! but b4 the excitement i need to suffer myself 1st.. 2 more weeks and im done... GAMBATEH !!!!!