WeLcoMe tO my WonderLaND !

thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Sunday, May 22, 2011


My aunty successfully deliver a baby girl on 20th May (last fri).. is been 6 years tiLl da last Baby was born in my family.. I went to my aunty house 2dae to pay her a visit coz 2dae they just got back home after a few days in the hospital..=) I felt happy for them... At last they are back to their home sweet home..

The size of the baby is so small.. this is the 1st time i saw a baby below 1 month old perhaps i should say that the 1st time i saw a newly born baby which is 2days old.. haha kinda funny.. i feel kinda weird coz when im bside her i feel myself like a huge giant.. I think i should start diet again to make myself look thinner.. Hope the baby wont freak out when she saw me..

The baby Name not confirm yet.. So i can only call the baby "mei mei" coz she's my aunty 2nd daughter...

here's the picture while she's sleeping... she looks so adorable and cute..cant wait to see her grow... I want to play with her ! haha i sound like a big kiddy..

Life is like a miracle.. I wonder where she come from.. but anyway I weLcome u baby girL to the world and of coz tO the family.

Life is so unique and precious.. ! A new life had just brought to my Family.. I hope she will have all the loves and care from everyone.

Monday, May 16, 2011


OMG!!! is been a month i didnt sleep well.. pimples on my face keep poping out... i hate it.. too many things to do each day ~ i wiSh i hv the time to rest more... Im not feeling well right now.. maybe coz of yesterday shooting... a raining day with 2 air-cond on and a strong fan blowing me more than 40 minutes... OMG!!! then i go under the rain to shoot the sports car .. My family members used to call me puteri lilin.. coz i cant go under the rain i will fall sick very easily.. bt due to profession im force to do so.. and now i hv slightly running nose with sore throat.. I HATE SICK ! kinda suffering right now.. sometime i wonder izzit worth to do so hMm ~~~

MAKARIZO International hairshow...

Is been such a long time tiLL da last time i get myself doing hairshow... 1st of all my hair is too fine and the quantity is not enuf for them to do styling.. therefore Hairshow sometime is not my bowl of rice.. Anyway hairshow sometime is not a good job also.. ur hair will be dye to diff color.. if u're lucky enuf then u will get a normal color.. if not ur hair may just go wonders.. It will spoil the texture of ur hair so badly..

Bt this time im so luckily that i go thru the casting and i get selected by doing this international hairshow.. meeting up with diff ppl.. It was absolutely FUN.. my team was BRAZIL therefore im working with 2 brazilian.. Although we hv communication problem (they don reli speak english) bt I admire their work.. *THUMB UP*

In this hairshow.. im in a safe zone.. which i have a hair color which is more alike the one i hv it previously and they just trim away my end.. *PHEW* as u noe we cant reli communicate and the scissor is on his hand.. I do not know what he will do next i cant reli question too... Is been a heart attack for me at that time !!!! luckily everything goes smoothly.. ! =)