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Monday, May 16, 2011

MAKARIZO International hairshow...

Is been such a long time tiLL da last time i get myself doing hairshow... 1st of all my hair is too fine and the quantity is not enuf for them to do styling.. therefore Hairshow sometime is not my bowl of rice.. Anyway hairshow sometime is not a good job also.. ur hair will be dye to diff color.. if u're lucky enuf then u will get a normal color.. if not ur hair may just go wonders.. It will spoil the texture of ur hair so badly..

Bt this time im so luckily that i go thru the casting and i get selected by doing this international hairshow.. meeting up with diff ppl.. It was absolutely FUN.. my team was BRAZIL therefore im working with 2 brazilian.. Although we hv communication problem (they don reli speak english) bt I admire their work.. *THUMB UP*

In this hairshow.. im in a safe zone.. which i have a hair color which is more alike the one i hv it previously and they just trim away my end.. *PHEW* as u noe we cant reli communicate and the scissor is on his hand.. I do not know what he will do next i cant reli question too... Is been a heart attack for me at that time !!!! luckily everything goes smoothly.. ! =)


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