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Sunday, April 17, 2011

F1 2011

Last week was busy with the F1 event.. are you there??? i was working in the ferrari team launch continuous 3 days.. so tiring... but luckily i do not need to go under the sun.. bt it seem getting more and more ppl say that im getting darker and darker.. oh nOooo!!!! i think i should lock myself at home d.. The event i get to eat very nice food where the chef is all the way from europe.. the food quality THUMB UP.. VIP reli difference ya.. but have lots of fun working there too.. meeting different kind of ppl is my pleasure ya.. basically i just enjoy myself.. although continuous 3days need to travel for almost 1hour+ to Sepang.. I just sleep along the car journey.. =) here are some pictures...

the food i mention ..it taste great ~

this is the starter..

The europe DJ
Special interview of MASSA... the 1st day was fernando alonso

wonder why the ppl are surrounding me?? they are playing games to win some prizes !

the crowd..

the newly join ferrari team driver... he's just 21.. OMG!!!! so handsome and so young !


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