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thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Sunday, April 17, 2011

my 21st bdae..

April.. a month to REMEMBER.... i just celebrated my 21st bdae 10days ago.. was too busy with studies and work therefore, no time to blog.. hope it is not to late to share ya.. =)

21st bdae used to be the Most important bdae in ur life.. ppl wiLL tend to haVe party... Almost every month I attend bdae party.. but my 21st bdae i make it simple.. i dont feel like open a party.. i dunno why.. maybe bcoz im afraid to clean up the entire place afterthat.. HAHA ! wat a lame excuses rite??? iS just due to the timing Problem.. was kinda busy the whole month so a simple bdae celebration wiLL do.. but this celebration wiLL be the Most meaningful and memorable bdae i ever had !

TQ so much to my beloved buddy Shu Er, Mei Yee, Kelvin, Han Cheng, Kah Hao, Joe Ee and Choong Hwa.. tQ soo much for making a suprise party for me.. TQ so much for ur appearance !! i reli appreciate that !!! *muakxx*

And of coz TQ so much tO my beloved HUbby !!! tQ so much for the Baskin Robbin Cake which melted and also the bdae present...

TQ so much hubby for the LV BAG

TQ so much daddy for buying the forever 21 dresses and also heels.. =)

TQ so much mammy and grandma for the diamond necklace and also the ring..


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