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Sunday, April 3, 2011

result ..

this semester result is out.. unexpected so fast the results are being release.. because in the previously semester it tooks atlease 2 weeks or later... and since IACT come out with the ELS system.. it really makes alot of stuff more convenience... you can download schedule, download result and many more just by simply a click.. *thumb up* love the efficiency of IACT COLLEGE !!!

this semester i hv only 2 subject coz is a short semester.. 1 is new media studies another 1 is moral... this 2 subject although seem to be very simple..coz most of the time in the class also not much theory and the schedule of short sem kinda relax..days by days and suddenly without notice it is just around the corner 4 exam.. bt at that time i still in a blur condition and dont really understand what is all about new media since there're no notes and im afraid i cant answer exam question.. whereas for moral..there're plenty of point to memories.. and im afraid i don hv enough time to answer all the questions.. bt finally i manage to answer all question but no time to double check.. =s today i just got the result.. suprisingly i get both subject for A's... i tot my new media studies i wouldn't be able to get an A coz the exam paper i wasnt really know how to answer.. and some key word i just writing crap.. coz what i studied doesnt really come out... but when i see the result i also kinda satisfied atlease i've been working so hard all this while is worth it and my effort is not wasted.. this semester is a short semester and i took around 1month early to start memorizing notes.. everyday no matter what force myself to memorize.. this is the way i used to succeed in my exam.. not to forget I also make my own notes.. =) semester i hv 4 subjects all project based... hopefully i can still get a flying color results.. *pray hard* the day where i cant get enuf sleep, stress and tired is visiting me very soon.. hope i will get well soon.. since im still having flu, cough, sore throat.. =s Anyway..People let's work hard together for assignment and exam... YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!
for those who are working... GAMBATEHHH too !!!!


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