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Friday, April 1, 2011

Singapore ~ SINGAPORE !

finally i hv the time to share my experience in Singapore !!! i went there last week.. 24th March to 27 March !!

the main purpose of going to the Singapore is UNIVERSAL STUDIOOOO !!! hOowooo! the last time I been to singapore was 2001.. 10yrs back d.. cant really remember how Singapore look like..

This time i went to Singapore i discover that this small little country wasnt small at all their infrastructure excellent.. nearby Marina Bay the building are really high class just look like those i saw in hong kong.. whereas their MRT so convenience.. can reach to almost every corner in Singapore you don even need a car there.. the best part is you don need to walk very far from one place to another place to catch a train whereas is all just right next to you.. is just the matter of a higher level or a lower level... *thumb up for their MRT

HOng Kong, Korea and even Singapore had a walkway along the lake or seaside.. you can simply view nice building and siting down to take in the fresh air and peace environment..all can be done by walking.. how i wish malaysia hv 1.. i so envy those country have this kind of walkway for the people to relax and refresh their mind... i can say that only Malaysia do not hv that.. =( how sad

this is the walkway i mention.. in Singapore is like few kilometer long...

Anyway SIngapore had disadvantage as well.. Malaysian went there is like super expensive.. the currency so high !! and their living standard very high as well.. the cheapest hotel needs RM300 and u can only get a room which smaller than the standard room in first world hotel GEnting.. OMG!!!!! and their food also very expensive... you eat a bowl of noodle $4.. is just like ours RM4 but dont forget u need to times 2.4 for current currency.. so is like a bowl of noodle RM9.6.. my each meal at Singapore cost around RM30... that is the cheapest... a meal with a drink only... the most expensive meal i had is alomost RM100.. for travel once a while is ok.. if you're working at singapore of coz is not a problem for u but for Malaysian is just wayy to high !! Suprisingly i didnt get to buy anything from Singapore.. what they have there we have it here and in Singapore it cost more more more expensive for the same product... i rather buy it here and you're able to exchange.. !!! the only thing i bought is a Betty Boop cushion from universal studio..

this is the cusion i bought.. i wanted to buy the comb but too expensive d.. cost almost RM100 for a comb.. OMG!!!

However i love Universal Studio.. the revenge of the Mummy ride is even scary than the roller coaster there.. OMG!!!! this ride is in the dark and it start with a slow ride as if you're just sit back and look at the mummy... bt out of sudden you're in the dark and the roller coaster go backwards.. the worst part is u can see what's infront..!! i shout until i have no voice !! haha.. although the Universal Studio wasnt a huge 1.. but i manage to go to each and every corner to take a picture and play the ride..

this is the entrance of the scary ride..

I love the way they arrange the Q... very efficient.. you dont need to Q like hours 4 a ride..the longest i waited also 20 minutes only.. if u went to genting during the school holiday u might need to Q atlease 30 min for a ride and i tried b4 2hours for a ride.. !!! wasted your time !!! If i would rate Singapore i would say friendliness : 5/10, cleaness : 10/10, efficiency : 8/10, food: 4/10, shopping : 7/10, transport : 10/10 for more of my SIngapore picture ..pls check it out at my facebook !


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