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thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Sunday, May 30, 2010

THu - SUn

Few dAy DIdnt uPload my bLog d.. i waS BUsy with all my college aSsignments.. VERY HEAVY WORK LOAD !!!!! friday public holiday but it seem is not a hoLiday foR me i wEnt to my frieNd hOuse to coMplete my Mass Comm assignment where due nExt weD .. i been sitting at my friend house from 10am - 5pm non stop working on the pop up book and without any break or food.. i only went to the toilet once.. so pity !!! luckily i brought my own water if not i think i will be suffering d.. that day was a horrible day for me very exhausted and the day b4 i slept quite late coz i working on my computer graphic assignment So is like half awake working.. sat and sun i didnt get enough rest also.. although i went out the whole dAY today but my mind still keep thinking about my assignment and all.. really headache.. this coming week i have 4 assignment due.. that is why i been rushing all this while even i started to do on the first day when the lecturer gave me...

No matter how tiring or how busy i am.. i will never miss to go to the beauty shop for my facial.. now adays i sleep very late wake up very early my skin getting bad.. iF i still dont visit the beauty shop i think soon my skin will become worst.. even i do my own mask..

this is the picture i took while doing the treatment mask @ beauty shop..

last thu day I receive my free HP laptop d..been waiting for such a long Long time.. but i stiLL dont really used to it coz it window 7 and still figuring out the settiNg.. iS quite different from my window vista...

I promised that i will show my mask product the other day but due to i have alot of work on hand i will postpone it few days.. Im really sorry about that and hope the following day i wiLL have more time on my blog..

* ALot of things to share *

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Answers ...

Do you exerciSe ur braiN tO thiNK ?
scratch ur heAd realLy hard for the aNswers??
here you go for the answers..

Question 1 :

Question 2 :

Question 3 :
H , L , T

Question 4 :

Question 5 :

Question 6 :
I ( eye )

Question 7 :
B ( Bee )

Question 8 :
T ( Tea )

Question 9 :
Q ( Cue )

Question 10 :
P ( Pea )

Question 11 :
C ( Sea )

Question 12 :
U ( Ewe ) a male sheep

HAHA ! how was it ?? hope you enjoy it ~~ =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Think . THiNK aND tHINk

2dae atteNded creative thiNKing class i fouNd this few questiOns very InterestiNg aNd i wouLd like to share with u guys.. let ur braiN think and just go wiLd ...

all the Question is based on alphabet
Which mean all the answer contain only 1 alphabet letter.. hv fuN =)

Question 1 :
What letter open all side?

Question 2 :

WHat letter same upside down ?

Question 3 :

Which letter containing 1 single horizontal line?

Question 4 :
Which letter have 2 parallel horizontal line?

Question 5 :

Which letter have 2 diagonal straight lines?

Question 6 :
Which letter is part of your head?

Question 7 :
Which letter is an insect?

Question 8 :
Which letter is a drink?

Question 9 :

Which letter will give you hint?

Question 10 :

Which letter is a vegetable ?

Question 11 :
Which letter is a body of water?

Question 12 :

Which letter is a farm animal?

think about it and you will know how well your brain function ~~ thiNK more dont let your brain get Rusty .. i wiLl reveaL the aNswer 2moRo .. HAVE FUN !!! =)

* reMember * each answer contain only 1 alphabet letter...

ReveaL 2 : My MaSk..

My skin so dry and poP up few piMples.. I need mask..

before i work on my mask i need some tools to touch up my eyebrown

i hate my eyebrown being messy and not well shape..

Then I still need another EquitMent b4 i start to appLy my maSk..

without this my hair will definiteLY drop to the front..

Here you go .. my mask.. i love this mask very much.. is a hydrating +whitening+ moisture mask.. after i apply this i will feel my face so refreshing and smooth...

when i apply mask i like to pt on 2 slice of cucumber each slice on a side of the eye to relax my eyes..

after 20 minutes.. im DONE !!! i cant live without my MAsk ..

If you have expired mask.. dont trow it away.. it can be use.. But of coz not to apply it on your face u can apply it on your legs or hands... dont waste it

this is the 1st part aBout the mAsk I used.. will continue another Mask 2moro.. stay tune for more of my Revealing ....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ReveaL 1 - my faCiaL produCt ..

aLot ppl were asking me How i keep my skin with less pimple, moisture and smooth even without make up.. i wont say that my skin is pimple free or the best skin texture..bUt i always try my best to avoid my face get IntO the bad condition.. No one will get a good skin if they do not put effort on taking care of their skin..

here are some of the ways that i keep my skin look great all the time =)

1. drink alot of water
[ everyone might say that ya i drink alot of water but why my skin still look dull? it seem that water didnt really help. But how many litre of water you drink in a day? 1 litre or less than that? maybe 1 litre for you consider alot.. but my term of ALOT is 3-5 litre a day. Not to 4get is normal boiled water not ur favourite coke,tea or coffee ]

2. Get enough sleep
[ in the hasty and busy city, people hardly get enough sleep unless is weekend.. but try your best to get enough rest, your skin need rest !]

3. Use proper facial product
[ everyone might think that how would I noe whether the product is right for me? when u go to different beauty shop they introduce different product to you, but how do you pick the correct one?]
here are some tips which i think is quite useful.. but it might not be suitable for everyone, because diffrent ppl have diffrent skin texture..you can take it as a reference... =)
a. first know ur skin texture are you (oily , combination or dry ) skin?
b. then buy suitable product for your skin
c. Do not stick with only 1 brand [ this is my experiences. I feel that i used few diffrent brand facial form, my skin looks better compare to only 1 product that i used for long term. Starting your skin may absorb the new product essence and you feel that you make a right choice,but after sometime you will start to feel that ur skin just remain at that level and cannot go further and better. That is why I have 5 facial form with me.. I take turn to used it and it is more effective. My face can absorb even better]
* make sure you choose each facial foarm that suitable for your skin..

After you bought the facial form dont be lazy to wash your face.. At lease twice a days.. BUt i wash it not only in the morning and the night but also when i bath.. Some ppl may think that the more you wash your face, your skin will get even dry.. but if you use toner and moisturising cream after washing your face..it shouldnt be a problem..

here are my facial form..
1. Xalonpac milk cleansing
2. Clara PH value facial gel
3. Neutrogena foaing cleanser
4. Estee Lauder foarming cleanse
5. Clinique gel cleanser

Simple act which make ur skin look great all the time.. Try it today and you will see the diffrence if you continuosly for long term ..

It works on me HOw about you?
Hope it really works on you too.. =)

tiMe to uPdate . uPdAte !

hey... iS beeN quite soMe tiMe i Didnt update my bLog d.. Last post was thu i thiNK..here you go foR my uPdate...

im siCK with all my assignment.. just receive another assiGnment oN fRi for 2 essAy.. nOw i stiLL hV creative thiNking , maSs comm, advertising aNd essAy oN haNd.. aNd soOn the coMing weeK coMputer graphic.. OMG !!! how i goiN to coMplete it..?? bt after 4th oF june i thiNK atleaSe i wont be that stress Coz wiLL haNd up 3 assiGnment d.. but the very 1st eXam aLso coMing.. College life reaLly stressfuL.. but PPl said woRKing lIfe more stressfuL.. tO me everythiNg is stressfuL..! but No stresS No Life .. that true =)

PPl put there woRk haRd aNd haNdle ur Stress weLL ya.. dont maKe urselF faLL SICK oO.. =) i wiLL mentally suPport u !!!!!!!

thiS weeKend i beeN sitting iNfroNt of my LaptoP and woRking on all my assigNment.. i thiNK i wiLL soOn wear a thiCker spEc d.. oHH NOO!!!!!!! i duwaN hv baD eyesiGht !!!! i NeeD to See mOre greeNISh tree and anythiNg that iS greeN .. So from now onward i shouLd type everything iN greeN aLso yA.. HAHAHA !!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


today i didnt get to go to the gym for work out.. i got classes till 6pm.. aiyoo!!! i Need to reduce weight badLy !!!! i feel that my face swollen d..and i have alot of spare tire..everyday sit infront of the computer and do all the work/assignment until my eyes really suffering and started to see things kinda blur..i dont wish to wear a thicker spec.. =( i receive a very bad news 2dae... my computer graphic lecturer gotta give us the 2nd assignment!!! arghhh just handed up the 1st assignment last week then this week receive the 2nd 1.. OMG!!!!!!!!! i pity my eyes.. i need more chicken essence And cherry for my eyes.. anyone wanna buy for me?? heheh !!! HAHAH just joking ~

i found a very interesting picture on the internet.. let me share with u..

i wonder where is this place...i would like to visit and take a picture ! =) anybody saw this tree anywhere before?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

18.05.2010 tue ..

2dae wasn't a good day for me.. stiLl feeling Not weLL and i hV many uLcer oN my tongue !! ouCH ~~ and the worst thing is i just receive another assignment.. aihZzZ feeL so lazy to start tO woRk oN my assigNment !!! but nO choiCe!!! i wiSh i couLd rest and sleep mOre insteaD.. hAHHA lazy piG!

this few dAYs im watching the AOD HK drama series [ Suspects In Love ]! bt 1 day i only get to watch 1 episod coZ there are plenty of work waiting for me to coMplete ! sighh !!!!

i feel myself growing horizontally this few days.. hMm~~ is time to SLIM down.. i sAw a website stated that sugar free soya bean and Banana could help u to reduce weight even without eating and drinking moderately.. but i dont think it works coz as u noe banana contain alot of natural sugar..and i hv an experience ..continuously eat banana for 2weeks you can see very obvious result which you slightly put on weight!!! that true.. dont believe you can try it out.. and that was the last time i eat banana !!!! not to say that u cant eat banana at all but not so frequent.. anything u eat too much is not Good for you!!! =)

while im talking about banana i saw this piCture..it looks cute !

Monday, May 17, 2010

iM siCk ..

awHhh ~~~ i thiNk im siCk.. im very heaty and my tongue got few ulcer..so pAinfuL.. the weather HOT & COLD is killing me.. i been drinking redoxon everydAy...it seeM it doesnt heLp anymOre.. i hate to fall siCk..i feeLing a Lil dizzy nOw aNd the worst thing is i laCK of sleep..i Need more rest...=( i hOpe i eat the active fast b4 i sleep later it will help.. really suffering !!! i hate SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yesterday was another exhausted day 4 me.. i went to DCIM at mid valley for nikonian event...it was quite fuN to hang around and snap picture with my partner CLEO.. and i met aLot of nikonian photographer there as weLL..is like a reunion... After the tiriNg dAy.. i weNt to the garden FONG LYE a taiwanese restoran to hV my diNner with my beLoved Bby... he beeN waited foR me mOre than 5 hours aLone.. thX bby i Love u ! the foOd there was fantastic.. very big portioN..i ordered a dessert i cant remember the name but it taste great..i like it very much..aNd also a mix seafOOd+fried Pork with rice to share with my bbY..yuMmy~ think of it i feel hungry nOw..!!!

this is the place..

this is the dessert...

this is the mix seafood with miso food..yummy~~

worth to try ...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

ExhaUsted !!

TIRED !! this is the only woRd i caN describe my dAY.. weNt out foR a videO shooting @ kampung Haiji abduLlah huKum + SS2 with my group of friends for assignment purposes.. v start shooting from 11+ am - 4pm... v gone thRu the suNny and hot weather.. But luCkily nO rain.. thX goD ! waS fuN tO lOOk at those videO.. bt is not eaSy tO be a videO director..!!! aLot woRk tO dO.. bt the toughest job is stiLL the acting..really thX to all my beloVed friends [ bOOn tek , jared , jeremy, money and chee how ] u guys really did a great job.. especially jared !!! u can b a actor man !!! oOps.. not to forget our camera man.. KENN !!! thx bby 4 helping us..really hv fuN working with u guys.. appreciate lots !!!

after the tiring dAY .. i weNt to gym in the evening... it makes me even More tireD.. !!!!!!! but i Need to gO gym often iN order to Keep in shApe.. i Love eatiNg bt i hate tO become FAT !!!!! im trying my very best to keep myself fit and lOOk good..stiLL need to work harder oN that...

after gym.. i clean up my roOm and it took 2hours to get everything done !!! nOw iM half dying.. shooting + gyM + cleaning my room = DIE !!! haha i think i burn quite alot of calories.. is a good thing.. but is really really tired !!! i wish i can get on my bed now..poor thing is that i gotta work 2mOro.. my weekend wiLL just eNd like that.. busy + tiring weekend... weekday also the same thing.. iM not robot..i need rest !!!!!!!!!! *sleepy* !!! mOnday gotta visit me soOn.. i wish saturday and sunday visit me more often...

Friday, May 14, 2010

FRIDAY !!!!!!!

yEAH.. is fridAy ! but very tiring..sat and suN aLso very buSY..sat wiLl be out whole day foR shooting anD suN gotta woRk... awHhh ~~~ tiring weeKend i caNt rest..
=( next week 5days of classes agaiN ... ! really Need a breaK.. 2dae hV luNch with Ivy whiLe waitiNg for my grouP discussion..the foOd was aWfuL..spicy like crazy!!! it make my liPs sWoLLen and untiL now my stomAch stiLL not feeLing weLl.. this is hOw it lOOk like..

Never order ROJAK MEE @ uncle K mamak at jaya oNe.. really crazy ~

2dae is the due date for my computer graphic assignment.. handed in my assigNment this afternOOn.. here is my finaL piece oF woRk.. it Looks ugLy tO me.. what dO u think ? iM not good at illustrator and this is the best i couLd draw aNd think oF..

this was printed on a foam board...

A closer version... can see my design clearly rite??? i hate the baCkground.. i love sharp colour but unfortunately my lecturer hv a Opposite taste as me.. =(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

2mOro movie nite ..

finally i can watch IP MAN 2 2moro..i hate to crowd with ppl..and once a good movie release you have to book inadvance, then alwiz sold out..or fully booked..i really hate that and you have no choice to pick on ur seat....especially when u sit at the side..not a good feng sui for me... i rather wait after 2weeks of the movie released i can go and watch at anytime more relax and not so corwded !!! ya maybe ppl will think that the movie I watching consider outdated d..coz there are more upcoming movie.. but i think is ok for me..as long as i enjoy it.. =) a good movie will last forever even u watch it after 10years..like the titanic !


this morning i did my presentation iN class about fashion.. the time limit given was 6min ..but i think i present more than that.. around 10min?? the very 1st time i practice i used 20 min+..but when actual presentation i actually cut of by half... hMm~~~ i wonder what's my speed of speaking?? 100km/hour??? LOL ..hope my lecturer mr.nick ok with it and importantly dont deduct my marks due to over time... 2dae in class i learn a very cute DIY card.. thX to FION !! COz of her presentation..she taught us hOw to make a cute and easy DIY card..very interesting !! and tHX kat aLso foR giving us free breaKfast..the honeydew Pudding..it taste sO yuMMy ! today presentatioN get free caRd aNd foOd..i woNder next weeK what v wiLL get agaiN..haha iM so greedy !!

this is the card that make from a A4 size paper.. i stiCK it oN my notebook ! =)

yeAhh... finally i done my stressful assignment..the computer graphic..at the moment say bye bye 1st.. but there are more assignment coming up..aWhh!!! =s Bt fiNally mr.low sAy Ok to my design..hahahha !!! that makes me feel happy..1week + of hard work re-design, editing and all fiNally i heard from his mouth OK!!!! i Can feel that the big stone in my heart has gone!!! but only for temporary !!!!!

i went to print my design this afternOOn.. it is big like a poster !!! will post the picture 2mOro.. =) stay tuNed ! my other design i wish i could share with u guys so that you all can comment about it but i woNder hOw to save the fiLe fRom iLLustrator to JPEG ? hMM~~ i wiLl figure out.. if sucessful then my other design will posted to my blog too.. =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


while i reading thru the online fashion article.. i suddenly sAw this picture.. i think is quite interesting and thought of sharing with you ~ mother day just passed how u celebrate with your mother? have a wonderful dinner with her ? or u bought something for her?

i do not practice celebrating mother day..coZ my mom at new york anD she dO not travel all the way back just to celebrate mother day...last time i Did send greeting card to her but at the eNd she gave me back the greetiNg card aNd i tOt oF y Not just write emAIL to her aNd ya eMail is more convenience coMpare to posting a card !

YA..mother is iMportant...without her you wont be here today.. no matter what she did to you baD or gOOd there must be a reAson.. no doubt sometiMe due to misunderstanding you have quarrel with her but at the end she still your love ones.. cherish her..! iS not eaSy to be a mother!

let's say I LOVE U MAMMY !

iS weD !

heLlo everyOne.. fiNally i hv soMetime to sit doWn infront of my COm not doing with my design but uPdatiNg my bLog..HAhA ! just done practicing my presentation fOr 2mOro.. hMm~~ i hOpe i caN speAk weLl + rMb everythiNg!2dae coNsider a LIL more reLax for me coZ my coMputer graphic desigN DONE!!!my lecturer Ok with it... just baCkground nId to chAnge to other colours.. fiNALLY!!!!!!!! after so many times editing and modify..really siCk of it! FRI is the dateline oNce i haNd uP !!! i wiLL totaLLy reLAX! because of that assignMent i cant go for gym 5days d..arghh !! i wiLL grOw horizontaLLy without working out iN da gyM !! oHH nOOOOO!!!!! hOpe after presentatioN aNd fri hand up my assignment i hV more time oN my gyM anD sleeping hoUrs ! =) i really LACK OF SLEEP~~ .. *wiSH me LuCk *

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

iM BACK iM bACK !!!!

hey Hey .. im BACK !! FINALLY.. the previous day was busy with my computer graphics assignment...the lecturer make my life miserable.. i been changing this and that more than 8 times plus 2dae changes then total 10 times.. i did alot of pattern aNd desiGn bt all rejected by him.. he tell you to do 1,2,3 but when u do 1,2,3 then he say hmm.. not nice do 3,2,1 then when u do 3,2,1 he say u try 2,3,1 ARghh!! that is why i been staying up late with my computer and my eyes really very tiring and pain.. everynite lack of sleep... 2 more days i have another presentation to go on.. didnt really prepare yet.. how am i going to present..*heAdache* i noe this is college life.. but i will still try my best to do it no matter what..coz this is what i passion about... no matter what kind of challenge i can over come it.. YES JOJO YOU CAN DO IT !!!! hMm ~ when i doNe with my presentatioN anD i hAnd in my computer graphic assignment i try to re-arranGe alL my woRK and post it up iN my blog to show u my work that full of pain, effort, tears, sweat,spirit.... ! 2dae is my last and fiNAL editing oN my design d.. nO matter what comment he giVe me 2mOro.. i wiLL stiLL stiCK with my LAtest desigN.. !!! hOpe he reALly sAy a OK to me 2mOro.. pRay hArd !

Sunday, May 9, 2010

suNdaY !

early iN da moRning my dAd kNock my roOm doOr and waKe me uP!!! arghh !! i tOt i couLd stiCk oN my beD and coNtinue with my sWeet sweet dreaM ! unfortunately gotta waKe up and go to the grocery!! luCkily iM early around 11am i reaCh kOta daMANsara tesCo and i could get parking once i enter... iF not i wiLL be facing a hard tiMe fiNding parKing..i hate tO lOOk for parking coZ my luCk wasnt that goOd ! i hAve my BruNch at kiM gary the cuRve.. i Love the beeF tomato spAghetti so muCH and of coz i order that ! after i fiLL up my tuMMy.. my siS and I waLking around just to have a wiNdow shoPping.. and fiNally v went to tesCo and buy stuFf !!! i beeN out frOm fri - suN aNd i beeN walking arouNd anD arouNd so muCH !!! my legs really pAinfuL aNd tiriNg.. i couLdnt gO to gyM aGaiN !!! so mANy worK oN haNd and i need to coMplete it ASAP.. im that kiNd of persoN whiCh do not finish the woRK i couLdnt sLeep weLL at nite.. i wiLL be worry and wondering the whole night... that is the reason why i sacrfice my sleeping hours so much !!! hOw pity !!

aRghh !!!

is 1.35am now.. i just put on my aloe vera mask while waiting for 20min... i drop some words here..=) yesterdae was busy on my assignment and i have no time tO update my blog... i reaLly feeLing exhausted aNd tiring... everydAy wake up early in the morning and sleep very late at nite.. arghh !!! even weekeNd ! hOw sAd! if is continuos the same thing over and over agaiN i wiLl get oLd very soOn.. piMples go aWay !!! dont need to pAy me a viSit.. im fiNe here !

2dae have a very good exercise .. walk from pavillion to klcc then from klcc walk back to sg.wang ! OMG !!! my legs muscle so tired and muscle pain !!! i go for 3 hours gym also not as tiring as today 30 mins walk... was quite fun with a group of friends miNgle around here and there with no direction ~~ is been quite soMetime didnt go out with suCh a huge gang of PPL...!!! a coOl and fuN experience agaiN ! =) my friend [ emiLy ] took me to a restoran at sg.wang foR a drink.. the shop is quite unique and funny... aLL the design make up by the toilet bowl and everything u see in the bathroom... the table is a bathtub and the chair is the toilet bowl.. i went to the 1 of the cheraS restoraN also the sAme concept But the diff in the sg.waNg restoran is eveN the boWl u eat / drink is alSo either bathtub or the toilet bowL.. it look fuNny !!!

look at the menu.. there is a tooth brush ~

the dessert i ordered ~~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

weD - Out fOr diNneR !

ADDress :
43-G, Block C, Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

hV a woNderfuL diNner at HANAZEN with my sister.. she love HANAZEN alot.. i was there aLL the tiMe bt i nv try b4..sO 2dae decided tO try it Out.. hMM ~~ i order tePpanyaki saLmon set.. it come along with miSo souP, steaM egg, fried tou gei, rice , grill salmon, some sauce,fruits and seaweed !!! it cost abOut RM28 excluded taX.. the price i thiNK quite reasoNaBle.. hoWever i share with my siS.. COz the portioN was quite big !! i thiNK is just niCe foR 2 persoN.. i doNt reaLly fanCy japAnese foOd sO i thiNK it taste oK oNly..out of 10 i will give 7 foR overaLL... ! iF you are a japanese foOd fans... yoU must try it Out.. !!! i heard those pPl who Love Sashimi sAy HANAZEN was 1 of the best restoran for SAShiMi.. i dont eat sAshiMI so i diD not order sAshiMi there aNd i duNno how's the taste Like.. ! iF u haD try... you Are weLcome tO share youR experieNce here =)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4/5/2010 ...

sO fast almoSt haLf a year goNe.. i hv that kind of feeLing like eHHh just started a braNd new yeaR .. nOw aLr haLf waY to the eNd of the year.. tiMe pass reaLly fast wheN u r busy aNd wheN you hv aLot of things to do.. bt wheN u r bOred or something u wish to eNd da dAy faster bt the cloCk seeM going sLowly.. !!!

is beeN suCh a lOng time i Didnt eNter to the ciNeMa.. im OUTdated iN movies aNd i dOnt reaLly Like to wAtch aLl the movie that is beiNg shOw iN the ciNeMa.. coZ Not aLL of them were Nice aNd soMe are stuPid !!! but soMetiMe watch soMe stupiD shOw is quite eNtertaiNing.. anyway iM not movies fans..bt suRprisingLy this fri i wiLl enter the ciNema.. hELlO ciNema... ! i get a free ticket oN the shOw beLow :

yea ~~~ the iron men 2.. i thiNk alMost everybOdy had watched rite? nOw pPl shouLd be watching IP MAN d.. bt im going to watch iron men.. LOL abit outdated d !!! i dont like the crowded ciNeMa.. especially those pPL who sit beside you and they do irritate you by talking/the eating noise and so etc..the lesser the PPl iN the cinema the better !!! atlease you can fuLly enjoy the movie !!! free froM interruption ! dont u agree with me??

this afternOOn the suN was so hOt and almost burn off my skin... i cant live without my umbrealla and sunglasses d.. the weather is so crazy !!!! make u sweat, smelly then in the evening the weather make u wet and smelly as well .. !!! aiyoo !! really cant take it the hOT and coLd.. weather pLs dont imitate katy perry hOT and coLD.. V huMan caNt staNd it ! feeling headache and dizzy everydaY.. lack of slEep make u feel miserable.. ppl out there drink More water ya !!! dont faLL siCk !!!! water reaLly help aLot.. bt Not coLd water !!! it wiLl make u even More thirsty !!! driNk mineral water ...if is possibLe warM water wiLL be goOD !!! take care =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

mOndAY !

hey iS moNday Nite agaiN .. A day had juz past !!! so Many things to do and feeLing exhausted everydAy even weeKeNd !!! i HopE 2 hv a shOrt breAK.. but i caNt.. =s sO many things Q-ing foR me... i need tO coMplete aLl of theM b4 dateliNe.. !!! hAte date Line !!! hMMP!!!

2day i sAw a guy.. a very speciaL guy.. of coZ handsome guy .... he look totaLly liKe WANG LEE HOM !!!! OMG !!!!! at first i tot he is the real LEE HOM bt impossible he wiLL b in the mall at that time .. wheN i waLk paSS by.. i reaLise is another LEE HOM !!! haha a shorter versioN bt stiLL very handsome.. i think he's a matsalleh and he just look great..girLs like to see haNdsoMe guys aNd guys like to see pretty giRl...that's the Nature ! bt i lOok at him just because he lOok like LEE hOM.. aNd iM curioUs bout it..=) maybe caN say I " kepoh chi " bt iN MALAYSIA who doNt "kepoh" ? everyOne is "kEPoH" and that's Life!!!

i realise that in this woRld there are ppl oUt there may lOOk the sAme as u.. oF coZ not 100%..maYbe arouNd 80% or less.. dO you ever seen anyoNe iN this woRld that just looK like youR twiN brOther oR sister??? dont be suprise iF you see it oNe daY!!!! There were pPL LOOK like you !!! HAHA ! i wonder WHo wiLL be the pErsoN whO look liKe me iN this woRld ??? iM curiouS !!! i wonder what is my reactioN and respoNd at thAt tiMe.. but is Not eaSy to fiNd a perSon who lOok like u.. aLL based oN fate.. !!! hOpe i hV fate with my twiN sister.. !!!! i shAlL wait foR the faTe ! =)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

yesterdAy a dAy oUt ..

yesterdAe weNt to kL foR shoPping .. i get to reach there in 1hour time.. really not a good day to go out on the public holiday everywhere so crowded and jam ... i bought contact lens and i get free gifts(1 set of cosmetic brushes and 2 nail polish).. quite worth it.. maybe they doing promotion...coz normally they dont really give out free gifts not even the contact lens case... afterthat, i went to pAvilion sasa.. the sales promoter there really bad... they will look at you from top to bottom and if they think you are potiental customer then they will come and serve u..if not they will rather stand there and wait for the next customer to enter.. not necessary a person enter the shop then she must buy things rite.. since they have such a bad service i decided to leave the shop.. i know they will get commission when customer purchase products but with that kind of service why i need to pruchase products from you.. !!! sometime i really hate to buy things from pavillion not only sasa shop ..the other shop the promoter will also do the same thing... they have that kind of thoughts that only rich ppl afford to buy their products ...ya that is true but please dont look down at the other.. i have a experience in MAC pavilion.. i wanted to ask some info for a product i been asking for assistant more than 30 mins but nobody seem to entertain me.. and they noe that i have question for them.. they would rather stand a side and look at another direction.. WHAT ???? this is malaysian.. they alwiz look down on ppl.. im sure everyone have this kind of experiences b4...but once you start purchacing things and you plan to buy quite a number of products from a shop then they serve you like VIP coz they get more commission if you purchase more.. i really hate this kind of culture !!! is such a shame...

afterthat i went to sasa in sg.wang they renovated the store and they arrange their product differently as compare to b4.. and finally i get what i want there a pencil eyeliner.. very cheap and it is a good eyeliner.. the colour is dark enuf and the quality not bad.. it can stay up for a day.. it cost only RM15.10 worth buying.. i tried many pencil eyeliner b4 like mac, cyber color, revlon, make up store and etc but i still think JORDANA is the best eyeliner.. this is actually a US brand.. if you are looking for a eyeliner why not give a try on this.. trust me you will never regret.. !