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Sunday, October 31, 2010

KLPF @ Mid Valley 2010 [ Saturday ]

KLPF 2010 entrance
On stage for 30 minutes shooting session ..

ON stage for 30 minutes shooting session..

Im once again in the KLPF.. been joining this KLPF events for the past 3years.. every year is getting more and more exciting.. This year im so happy that I could work with a bunch of lovely people from the nikonian again.. On the saturday, Im suppose to dress up a lil africa + safari to promote the new lauching of the National Georaphic Bags.. thx Michelle for the outfit.. ! Although in just short 2 hours job [ 5.30pm - 7.30pm].. but I enjoy myself alot and had lots of fun... ~

Nielsen Survey ~

On saturday.. 30th of October went to Crystal Crown Hotel at PJ with my beloved classmate Angeline to attend a survey that held by Nielsen..

It is the RED FM a new english radio station survey... The survey is about the types of songs that the 18 - 40 years old people would prefer or like to hear from the radio station..

the survey starts form 10am - 2pm and in this 4 hours duration i been listening to 750 english song.. OMG!!!!! After that session i dont wish to listen to any song !!

We been sitting in the freezing hall for 4hours and the table is just so uncomfortable.. the environment makes me recall back when my SPM exam.. a pencil with an eraser with the question paper.. that is what we get on the table..

Although what we need to so is just rate the song from unlike to favorite but imaging u listening to 750 songs in just one morning..i dont think you will open up your ears to hear the song that being played after maybe 400 songs? iS not an easy task.. !!! however, we been rewarded with Rm100 token..


Look at the 750 songs rating list.. OMG!!

I need to shade the Song that I dislike or like.. rank them according to my preference ..DOnt you think look like OMR paper?

Angeline with my OMR paper.. LOL!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy weekend..

2moro wiLl be a busy day for me.. early morning 8am gotta meet up my angel Aka. Angeline at
jaya one... we need to attend a seminar at the Crystal Crown Hotel from 8.30am - 1pm.. 4and half hour OMG!

then I need to register for my violin class...

once im done with that I need to rush home and put on make up and then get ready to the KLPF 2010..

This year KLPF was held at Mid Valley..If u are free kindly drop by ya.. ^^ I will be there at 5:30pm - 7:30 pm .. !

On sunday once again i will be at the event from 5pm - 7pm..

A busy weekend !!! Another week will just pass with the glimpse of eyes... October just ended the way it is.. time pass really fast ! is almost the end of the year...

Friday, October 29, 2010

You know, women are not really demanding, We just want few simple things~

What Women want? Scroll down to find out more ~

A simple looking guy

A simple yet normal ring

A small wedding dinner at the hotel

A Sweet honeymoon

A small house for the kids to run around

1 or maybe 2 cute children

A family man husband

A husband that work hard + earn well

A small car for shopping

A bigger car for family

A few personal collection

A few shoes

Some decent outfits

Basic comestic

Some make up kit

Just one overseas trip every year

2 or 3 domestic trips

Romantic candle light dinner

Occasional presents

Some luxury treatment

and finally some securities

Just few simple demand ~ is so reasonable.. !
I wish I could live in that kind of life.. but it will only happen in my dream.. So I will keep dreaming for the seek of syok sendiri ^^

Thursday, October 28, 2010


2day went to one utama with my lovely classmate [ Angeline , Ee chian , KOk how, Zoeii and mei shin ] to watch Takers.. The show is about 1 hour and 40minutes.. The show was quite awesome .. I love the whole concept.. the script writer is just awesome, the ideas is like WOW ~ unexpected !

the beginning gaves the audience an unexpected scene and im sure after that scene you will stick with the movie till the end.. Not only that , thru this movie I get to kNow that actually Chris Brown can act so well .. If you hv the time no harm watching this movie..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


在《可蘭經》第五章有關於吃飯的規定,穆罕默德強調:「死獸之肉、血、豬肉,以及獻給邪神的肉類,乃至於被絞殺、打殺、墜落而死的動物,被其他動物角刺殺的動物以及猛獸吃剩下的肉,都不可食用。」 第二章有關家畜的規定也提到,「死肉、動物身上流出的血、豬肉等等,都是骯髒、不潔的。」這就是回教徒禁吃豬肉的理論根據。





很多人误会他们说回教的神是豬, 那是错的哦~现在知道真相了吧!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Im looking through my FB folder pictures and most of the picture are with my long hair.. now i felt a lil regret after making this decision to cut it short...Although is much more easy to wash and take care bt now the length is consider too short for me.. Not only that.. without blowing my hair I cant step out from my room.. It so frizzy.. Last time it wasnt like this... Not only that my hair keep curvy and wavy at the bottom and i hate it.. I think it curve up because my hair is at shoulder length and eventually it causes it to curve.. I dont dare to leave my hair behind my shoulder anymore.. It looks so frizzy and messy.. Cant wait 4 my hair 2 grow long again !!! I wonder it takes years to grow back ! =(

Audio Engineering cLass ~

after an exhausted day of video shooting.. 3 - 6 is audio engineering class.. the weather is so hot and the classroom air-cond is so cooling and i tot I will fall asleep coz is the explaination and lecturing again.. bt suprise it wasnt.. whereas Mr.Loong gave us a class exercise where we need to place how to fix the audio mixer..

this is the condition given :
1. 1 drum
2. 2 guitar
3. 1 bass
4. 2 vocalist

we need to draw out the audio mixer and explain how the input and output for a live stage performance.. through all kind of buttons like Aux send & return , Buses , Track and etc..
this is our outcome..
the question + the outcome ! one word to describe COMPLICATED!

this is how the music instrument connect to the tracks..

the first Video with fuLl equipment !

exhausted tuesday ! 2day is the day where we start our very first video shooting with full equipment @ college.. although is a short script bt it takes 4hours to finish up.. the video i think is just roughly 5 minutes after editing.. OMG!!! is not easy to shoot a video..

why i say so? look at the disadvantages below:
1st : equipment damn heavy especially the camera and the mic stand.
2nd: gotta shoot the same scene over and over again to take a different angle
3rd: gotta make sure the last scene and the coming scene matches and it has continuity
4h: sweat alot

although is not an easy task.. bt everyone cooperate very well and finally our 4 hours shooting DONE !!! *clap*

special thx to :
director : Ariff
Asst. Director : Zoeii
Camera man : Ee Chian , Bad
Asst camera man: Fish
Producer : Bad
Audio: Kok How , Myself , Angeline, Zoeii
Actors : Titus, Afeeq, Mei Shin
Make up & wardrobe : Myself , Angeline

this is the process ~

The Process ~

The Process ~

The first scene shot ~

Credits to all the People =)

Monday, October 25, 2010

My very First - STORY BOARD ~

My very first story board for video production ~~ my drawing is bad ! so this is the best i can do d.. any comment kindly drop down.. hOpe by see-ing the picture you guys could understand what's the story about.. This is a PSA [ Public Service Announcement ] storyboard !
My story is about "Teen drink and drive"
Hope u enjoy see-ing my ugly drawing... =)

Betty's Midwest Kitchen @ Aman Suria, PJ

yesterday went to this Kinda nice shop at Aman Suria Petaling Jaya to hv dinner with dad and sis.. this is a PORK based restaurant... so basically is not halal. The best part is all the dishes are serve in western style.. which means u can have like prok chop, pork burger and etc which hardly found in PJ or KL...

This is my first time here and is being introduced by my sis.. I dont even know the shop existence.. LOL ~

This is call Dog Food... It is fries dip with gravy and coated with cheese ~ RM9

This is the Pork burger.. RM12

This is pork chop with country gravy sauce.. It taste like carbonara sauce ! I dont really like it because the pork meat is just like chicken breast so dry and meaty! RM23

this pork rib cost RM29.50. It taste good when it is serve with the gravy~

If you come at the weekend OMG !! Long Q.. actually in this shop not much choices but it taste really good for the first time... I dont think I will go for the 2nd time although it taste not bad coz is so fattening and oily i cant take it !!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crowne Plaza Mutiara Fashion sHow ~

todAy was a great day coZ oNce again im wearing wedding gOwn.. ^^ I woNder hOw many times I been wearing the wedding goWn.. hMm hMm ~~~ uncountable tiMe.. hOhoho ~ wheN is my real day i dont think the wedding gown is something special to me d.. haha bt anyway no one want to marry me also.. im just thinking too much .. LOL !

bAck to today fashion show.. It was held at Crowne Plaza Mutiara At KL.. This is a bridal fair by the professional from make up, hair do, wedding photography and etc.. I was very happy to work with Michelle Touche.. they did a very good job in my make up and hair do.. I look so charming and Stunning ! hOpe in the future get to work with them again =)


there're some photos attach below:

I Love this hairdo so much ~
Michelle & jojo on stage

For more photos.. kindly view my FB photo folder ~

Friday, October 22, 2010


wOw.. 2dae was a great day.. i get to sleep tiLL 12.30 noon !!! syok ! nO class really brighten my day... hehehe

2dae went to workout at da gym.. have the first yoga class at 5pm-6pm then went for cardio cycling for 42 minutes then have another yoga class at 7pm-8pm !! although very tiring but i can feel my body so relaxing and good !!!! hOpe to go yoga class everyday ! but toO bad my time table alwiz couLdnt match da tiMe.. =(

Thursday, October 21, 2010

audio engineering class ~

2day had a great afternoon class.. we had a mini concert at the waiting area outside the class..woOhoo ~~ actually our lecturer want us to set up the audio mixer by ourself ..tune and mix the sound around so we get the sound + music which is similiar in a real concert.. and we did work it out~ =) 1st we hv the joker in the class Afeeq singing and Titus plays the guitar.. then v have the ladies singing and lastly SoLo by Ariff... ! it was awesome ! by hearing it live the sound wasnt that nice.. coz alot of environmental noise mixing around.. but listen through the headphone *THUMB UP* the sound is just like playing a CD.. clear and nice !!! this audio mixer usually use in Concert, Events, radio station etc... had lots of fun playing with it.. =) the following are the pictures..

Everyone waiting for Afeeq to sing....

Still waiting for the performers ~ Cepat la AfeeQ

The ladies turns...

Ariff solo.. he's a great singer.. he did perform in many events !!! Ariff u rocks woHoo~