WeLcoMe tO my WonderLaND !

thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Sunday, May 22, 2011


My aunty successfully deliver a baby girl on 20th May (last fri).. is been 6 years tiLl da last Baby was born in my family.. I went to my aunty house 2dae to pay her a visit coz 2dae they just got back home after a few days in the hospital..=) I felt happy for them... At last they are back to their home sweet home..

The size of the baby is so small.. this is the 1st time i saw a baby below 1 month old perhaps i should say that the 1st time i saw a newly born baby which is 2days old.. haha kinda funny.. i feel kinda weird coz when im bside her i feel myself like a huge giant.. I think i should start diet again to make myself look thinner.. Hope the baby wont freak out when she saw me..

The baby Name not confirm yet.. So i can only call the baby "mei mei" coz she's my aunty 2nd daughter...

here's the picture while she's sleeping... she looks so adorable and cute..cant wait to see her grow... I want to play with her ! haha i sound like a big kiddy..

Life is like a miracle.. I wonder where she come from.. but anyway I weLcome u baby girL to the world and of coz tO the family.

Life is so unique and precious.. ! A new life had just brought to my Family.. I hope she will have all the loves and care from everyone.

Monday, May 16, 2011


OMG!!! is been a month i didnt sleep well.. pimples on my face keep poping out... i hate it.. too many things to do each day ~ i wiSh i hv the time to rest more... Im not feeling well right now.. maybe coz of yesterday shooting... a raining day with 2 air-cond on and a strong fan blowing me more than 40 minutes... OMG!!! then i go under the rain to shoot the sports car .. My family members used to call me puteri lilin.. coz i cant go under the rain i will fall sick very easily.. bt due to profession im force to do so.. and now i hv slightly running nose with sore throat.. I HATE SICK ! kinda suffering right now.. sometime i wonder izzit worth to do so hMm ~~~

MAKARIZO International hairshow...

Is been such a long time tiLL da last time i get myself doing hairshow... 1st of all my hair is too fine and the quantity is not enuf for them to do styling.. therefore Hairshow sometime is not my bowl of rice.. Anyway hairshow sometime is not a good job also.. ur hair will be dye to diff color.. if u're lucky enuf then u will get a normal color.. if not ur hair may just go wonders.. It will spoil the texture of ur hair so badly..

Bt this time im so luckily that i go thru the casting and i get selected by doing this international hairshow.. meeting up with diff ppl.. It was absolutely FUN.. my team was BRAZIL therefore im working with 2 brazilian.. Although we hv communication problem (they don reli speak english) bt I admire their work.. *THUMB UP*

In this hairshow.. im in a safe zone.. which i have a hair color which is more alike the one i hv it previously and they just trim away my end.. *PHEW* as u noe we cant reli communicate and the scissor is on his hand.. I do not know what he will do next i cant reli question too... Is been a heart attack for me at that time !!!! luckily everything goes smoothly.. ! =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

F1 2011

Last week was busy with the F1 event.. are you there??? i was working in the ferrari team launch continuous 3 days.. so tiring... but luckily i do not need to go under the sun.. bt it seem getting more and more ppl say that im getting darker and darker.. oh nOooo!!!! i think i should lock myself at home d.. The event i get to eat very nice food where the chef is all the way from europe.. the food quality THUMB UP.. VIP reli difference ya.. but have lots of fun working there too.. meeting different kind of ppl is my pleasure ya.. basically i just enjoy myself.. although continuous 3days need to travel for almost 1hour+ to Sepang.. I just sleep along the car journey.. =) here are some pictures...

the food i mention ..it taste great ~

this is the starter..

The europe DJ
Special interview of MASSA... the 1st day was fernando alonso

wonder why the ppl are surrounding me?? they are playing games to win some prizes !

the crowd..

the newly join ferrari team driver... he's just 21.. OMG!!!! so handsome and so young !

my 21st bdae..

April.. a month to REMEMBER.... i just celebrated my 21st bdae 10days ago.. was too busy with studies and work therefore, no time to blog.. hope it is not to late to share ya.. =)

21st bdae used to be the Most important bdae in ur life.. ppl wiLL tend to haVe party... Almost every month I attend bdae party.. but my 21st bdae i make it simple.. i dont feel like open a party.. i dunno why.. maybe bcoz im afraid to clean up the entire place afterthat.. HAHA ! wat a lame excuses rite??? iS just due to the timing Problem.. was kinda busy the whole month so a simple bdae celebration wiLL do.. but this celebration wiLL be the Most meaningful and memorable bdae i ever had !

TQ so much to my beloved buddy Shu Er, Mei Yee, Kelvin, Han Cheng, Kah Hao, Joe Ee and Choong Hwa.. tQ soo much for making a suprise party for me.. TQ so much for ur appearance !! i reli appreciate that !!! *muakxx*

And of coz TQ so much tO my beloved HUbby !!! tQ so much for the Baskin Robbin Cake which melted and also the bdae present...

TQ so much hubby for the LV BAG

TQ so much daddy for buying the forever 21 dresses and also heels.. =)

TQ so much mammy and grandma for the diamond necklace and also the ring..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

result ..

this semester result is out.. unexpected so fast the results are being release.. because in the previously semester it tooks atlease 2 weeks or later... and since IACT come out with the ELS system.. it really makes alot of stuff more convenience... you can download schedule, download result and many more just by simply a click.. *thumb up* love the efficiency of IACT COLLEGE !!!

this semester i hv only 2 subject coz is a short semester.. 1 is new media studies another 1 is moral... this 2 subject although seem to be very simple..coz most of the time in the class also not much theory and the schedule of short sem kinda relax..days by days and suddenly without notice it is just around the corner 4 exam.. bt at that time i still in a blur condition and dont really understand what is all about new media since there're no notes and im afraid i cant answer exam question.. whereas for moral..there're plenty of point to memories.. and im afraid i don hv enough time to answer all the questions.. bt finally i manage to answer all question but no time to double check.. =s today i just got the result.. suprisingly i get both subject for A's... i tot my new media studies i wouldn't be able to get an A coz the exam paper i wasnt really know how to answer.. and some key word i just writing crap.. coz what i studied doesnt really come out... but when i see the result i also kinda satisfied atlease i've been working so hard all this while is worth it and my effort is not wasted.. this semester is a short semester and i took around 1month early to start memorizing notes.. everyday no matter what force myself to memorize.. this is the way i used to succeed in my exam.. not to forget I also make my own notes.. =) semester i hv 4 subjects all project based... hopefully i can still get a flying color results.. *pray hard* the day where i cant get enuf sleep, stress and tired is visiting me very soon.. hope i will get well soon.. since im still having flu, cough, sore throat.. =s Anyway..People let's work hard together for assignment and exam... YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!
for those who are working... GAMBATEHHH too !!!!


The lastest heels fashion in TOWN !!!! this season is more towards the classy feel.. check it out at the pictures below
this heels is more towards casual.. you can simply match with a jean and a t-shirt and it will definitely look good.. simple and nice

this heels is suitable to the party or even to work.. a cute ribbon infront will best matches with a princess bun hairstyle..

this heels is more elegant.. therefore it will look good if you're wearing a very sharp color long dress like yellow, red or even green dresses

leopard printed heels.. somebody might think that if u wear a leopard dress or top will actually match with the heels.. but too much of leopard printed at a time it will make u look funny and it cant makes the heels stand ... go for something simple..

I personally love this alot.. it looks sweet!!! can go along with dresses or even pants..

fried ginseng??

the b4 being fried ginseng and after being fried ginseng..

TO those who went to Korea b4 im sure u tasted different kind of fried food there.. spicy and fried is one of their culture style for food..

today im here to introduce to u Fried Ginseng... Im sure u heard b4 ginseng chicken one of the famous dish in Korea and ginseng go along with soup.. but fried ginseng.. hmm ~~ perhaps you dont even know there's such thing..

Ginseng is not cheap and it has alot of benefits.. you might think that it is wasted because such a good product once is being fried all the nutrient might be gone.. but dont you think it worth it to have a try??

each fried ginseng cost only 1000won.. is really worth to have a try..

it looks like fried sotong..

Friday, April 1, 2011

Singapore ~ SINGAPORE !

finally i hv the time to share my experience in Singapore !!! i went there last week.. 24th March to 27 March !!

the main purpose of going to the Singapore is UNIVERSAL STUDIOOOO !!! hOowooo! the last time I been to singapore was 2001.. 10yrs back d.. cant really remember how Singapore look like..

This time i went to Singapore i discover that this small little country wasnt small at all their infrastructure excellent.. nearby Marina Bay the building are really high class just look like those i saw in hong kong.. whereas their MRT so convenience.. can reach to almost every corner in Singapore you don even need a car there.. the best part is you don need to walk very far from one place to another place to catch a train whereas is all just right next to you.. is just the matter of a higher level or a lower level... *thumb up for their MRT

HOng Kong, Korea and even Singapore had a walkway along the lake or seaside.. you can simply view nice building and siting down to take in the fresh air and peace environment..all can be done by walking.. how i wish malaysia hv 1.. i so envy those country have this kind of walkway for the people to relax and refresh their mind... i can say that only Malaysia do not hv that.. =( how sad

this is the walkway i mention.. in Singapore is like few kilometer long...

Anyway SIngapore had disadvantage as well.. Malaysian went there is like super expensive.. the currency so high !! and their living standard very high as well.. the cheapest hotel needs RM300 and u can only get a room which smaller than the standard room in first world hotel GEnting.. OMG!!!!! and their food also very expensive... you eat a bowl of noodle $4.. is just like ours RM4 but dont forget u need to times 2.4 for current currency.. so is like a bowl of noodle RM9.6.. my each meal at Singapore cost around RM30... that is the cheapest... a meal with a drink only... the most expensive meal i had is alomost RM100.. for travel once a while is ok.. if you're working at singapore of coz is not a problem for u but for Malaysian is just wayy to high !! Suprisingly i didnt get to buy anything from Singapore.. what they have there we have it here and in Singapore it cost more more more expensive for the same product... i rather buy it here and you're able to exchange.. !!! the only thing i bought is a Betty Boop cushion from universal studio..

this is the cusion i bought.. i wanted to buy the comb but too expensive d.. cost almost RM100 for a comb.. OMG!!!

However i love Universal Studio.. the revenge of the Mummy ride is even scary than the roller coaster there.. OMG!!!! this ride is in the dark and it start with a slow ride as if you're just sit back and look at the mummy... bt out of sudden you're in the dark and the roller coaster go backwards.. the worst part is u can see what's infront..!! i shout until i have no voice !! haha.. although the Universal Studio wasnt a huge 1.. but i manage to go to each and every corner to take a picture and play the ride..

this is the entrance of the scary ride..

I love the way they arrange the Q... very efficient.. you dont need to Q like hours 4 a ride..the longest i waited also 20 minutes only.. if u went to genting during the school holiday u might need to Q atlease 30 min for a ride and i tried b4 2hours for a ride.. !!! wasted your time !!! If i would rate Singapore i would say friendliness : 5/10, cleaness : 10/10, efficiency : 8/10, food: 4/10, shopping : 7/10, transport : 10/10 for more of my SIngapore picture ..pls check it out at my facebook !



GM集團似乎找到了答案。一輛用黏土打造而成的CHEVROLET Orlando最近出現在英國倫敦街頭,路上行人無不投以驚奇的眼光,更在當地造成一股不小的轟動!

針對1000位英國成年人「最值得回憶的童年玩具」作調查,GM發現不起眼的黏土以19﹪的比例領先樂高的17﹪和健達出奇蛋的15﹪。因此他們決定用特製黏土打造出和真車等比例的CHEVROLET Orlando,在倫敦古色古香的街景之外平添一股趣味。

新世代轎旅車CHRVEOLET Orlando,以戰略中小型房車Cruze的前驅平台衍生而來,產品定位為符合全球家庭日常與休閒使用的七人座轎旅車,原廠將更將它定位為一輛全新的ALV(Active Life Vehicle),結合傳統旅行車款、SUV與MPV等機能於一身。

或許這樣富有彈性和不受拘束的新時代車款正好和黏土激發創意的特性不謀而合,因此倫敦民眾有機會近距離欣賞如此討人喜歡的公共藝術;值得一提的是,俄羅斯藝術家Pavel Zasanyok在數年前曾經運用一雙巧手借用SMART Fortwo的造型打造沙雕藝術品;唯妙唯肖的程度讓當時不知情的參觀民眾都以為沙子底下藏著一輛真車!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

MCD fever ~

the MCD worker very kind.. although passed 11am but they still allow those who waited and Q-ing for so long to buy the promotion..

tOday is the last day of MCD FREE 2 big breakfast with a purchase of RM5.. I get a voucher from my aunty and me and my sis went to MCD early in the morning...

at first we went the SS2 brunch.. u noe what the crowd is CRAZY !!! Q until at the middle of the road.. OMG!!!! after we park our car only we realized that.. therefore we quickly went to another brunch at KJ.. still the same Q until the roadside but not as crazy as the SS2 brunch.. me and my sis waited for like an hour.. i still tot that last day of purchasing should be lesser ppl.. bcoz this promotion had been run for a month.. I did noe that coz im not a MCD fans.. i just get the voucher yesterday..

the problem is im still sick and i hv no voice how am i gonna order??? luckily my sis with me if not i can only point here and there.. LOL ~~ *hate being "MUTE" ..coz im talkative !!! =p

i hv only 1 voucher.. but it seem like Q for such a long time but u only get to buy 2 set is not so worth it.. therefore a aunty there is so kind she gave me 2 more voucher therefore i can buy another 4 more set.. TQ aunty !!!

I walk out the MCD with 6 set of big breakfast.. im sick and i lost my voice but im here to eat MCD.. OMG!!!!!

is just like after shopping... LOL

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


每次搭飛機都會耳鳴!!不過只要吞口水又好了~~~過了一下又開始耳鳴!!感覺耳朵被塞住~~吞到沒口水吞!!為什麼~很煩耶!! 大家来了解一下吧~ 飛機下降時,耳朵易不適 多年來,筆者常利用春節或暑假期間,帶全家赴國外旅遊,觀察到每當飛機開始下降時(尤其是長程航線),機上若有年輕父母懷抱嬰幼兒同行,此時這些嬰幼兒太多會不約而同開始哭鬧(群嬰亂哭)、躁動不安,且時間持續5分鐘以上,而這時恰也是飛機上紅燈亮起,乘客被要求繫緊座位安全帶(fasten seat belt)的時刻。 人類耳、咽之間,有一條由軟骨內黏膜的歐式管(eustachian tube),用來平衡中耳與大氣壓,但又必須避免鼻咽的分泌物流入中耳或中耳的分泌物跑到鼻咽。平常歐式管是保持關閉的,但當人們做吞嚥、打呵欠,或強忍不打出呵欠的動作,及能使嘴巴保持正壓的任何方法(modified valsalva maneuver)(如捏鼻閉嘴來吹氣),皆能促使一些顎邊肌肉收縮,將耳咽間的歐式管打通。(咽-->耳) 依波以爾定律,飛機起飛時,氣壓降低,密閉的中耳內空氣膨脹造成正壓,會自動地不需任何肌肉收縮,打開歐式管來平衡中耳與大氣壓差;反之當飛機下降時,大氣壓上升,中耳內氣壓相對下降,除非主動作一些可打開歐式管的動作(如前述),否則管內徑會塌陷(collape),滲液會被拉入中耳,大氣壓-中耳內壓差達 (1)3~5毫米汞柱,病人會感覺中耳漲。 (2)10~15毫米汞柱,病人會聽力吵嘈。 (3)30毫米汞柱,會開始耳痛。 (4)60毫米汞柱,會嚴重耳痛,甚至耳鳴、眩暈。 (5)100~500mmhg則耳膜會破裂。 事實上,當大氣壓超過中耳內壓80mmhg以上時,歐式管因軟骨部塌陷,再也無法輕易打通。

Thursday, March 17, 2011


這輩子誰會與你相伴一生???? 赶快测验吧~







我的答案是A哦~ 我也希望是我的伴侣陪我一生哦!!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The world END?

As everyone noe that japan is facing some serious tsunami and earthquake the past few days.. it seem like a sign of world end??

theN the blast at Japan nuke plant, radiation threat rises..the radiation can cause skin problem, cancer and many more sickness towards human ~ the main problem is the radiation cant be seen by human eyes.. it might just in the air ! for the moment, it is advisable open an umbrella when u're out and try to stay in the building... dont expose yourself towards the polluted air... ~

everyday on the Tv and internet u can get all the news about how the property being destroyed, human body not found and dead.

We as a human cant fight with the god.. is time for human to pay what they had did in the past ! although we might be the victim, but that's life... no one can live a happy life 4ever..

my grandmother ask me " if the world end, how do i look for u?" I told her we will all leave in another planet or even another place like the heaven.. but the best place u can look for me is at my home.. i will be at my home all the time...

It seem she really worried about the world end.. who doesnt?? the movie 2012 and the date of world end by the scientist prediction 21.12.2012 it seem getting nearer and nearer...

what you can do now is live your life to the fullest... you might not know what gonna happen next.. if u have plenty of thing to achieve try your best to achieve it...

feel like travel? carry on ~ but dont spend all your money ... left some for your daily expenses as well.. what if the date of world end extended?

I used to be a person who afraid of dead.. when i was a kid i told myself i duwan to die... but as i grow older.. dead to me it seem like in the middle... you cant prevent it for coming nor u can allow it..

fRom now on.. i try my best to do watever i can to make myself happy.. even if im dead atlease i hv a happy life b4 ...

you can see that many country are doing save the environment campaigne, go green and etc.. but dont you think is too late to do so? when the problem is discover everyone should start to play their parts.. not only when is in the critical stage only look 4 immediate solution ~

My sis ask me something funny what if this batch of people in the world is gone? is there another batch of people? i would say the world might be no human.. but with ET and Alien.. hahah watch too much cartoon ~

So what's ur opinion about world end?

New Media exam..

just after my 1st exam paper foR this sem.. OMG!!! it is not easy.. what i studied it can only appLy to the paper perhaps 1/4 ?? some tembak bt correct 2 words bt the 1st word is wrong.. but what make me so angry is..simple terminology but i think it too far away.. and is WRONG !!!! study so hard but when u see the exam paper you feel like throw the paper in the dustbin... hahaha

hOpefully i can score well in this paper.. atlease a B if i couldnt get an A... dont give me a C kay??

Now i need to take a nap ~ and continue with my next exam paper revisioN on moral ~~~ completed 8 chapters 3 more to gO... hOpe i can recall back the 8 chapters and score an A ya..

wuahhaha ~~~~ to those who having exam as the same time as me.. wish u all the best and good luck !!!!!!!! study hard =)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

exam ..

now adays im busy with my revision on my coming exam... 12 of march and also 23 of march... need to memories alot of notes... =s cant wait 4 my holidays after exam.. 24 i wiLL be going to Singapore for a short trip... wanted to go Taiwan but couldnt make it d.. So at the end decided to travel to the nearest country which is Singapore ~~~ excited !!! but b4 the excitement i need to suffer myself 1st.. 2 more weeks and im done... GAMBATEH !!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TV2 I love beauty shooting

I went to TV2 I love beauty Tv programme shooting.. the programme was hosted by Amber Chia and im there as a special guest..

Although is kinda tiring coz i been waiting for hours from 4pm - 9pm only my turn.. but luckily when the real shooting time it tooks around 2hours and im done !

I actually do not know what is my jobscope there until the last few minutes they told me is a freestyle.. which mean u react based on the situation.. and Amber will just suddenly throw some question to you and you need to answer.. I was like okay... im just afraid that what i've said is not accepted and causes the whole production delay...

luckily everything goes smoothly and im quite satisfy with all my answer.. that was another thing that I have work beyond myself. =)
I love what im doing right now... and i cant wait for more.. =)
Dont forget to stay tune at TV2 for my apperance ya..
by the way im shooting for episod 3...

here's some picture that along the whole recording process
.. :
for more pictures... check it out at my facebook...


















第九誡:Daily 服用豆類製品補充雌激素,青春保鮮




Tuesday, February 15, 2011

jojo's Valentine celebration 2011

Bby bought flower again for me this year.. told him not to buy coz is a waste of money...at the end I still need to throw it away coz the flowers died.. but he still get one for me.. !!! anyway thx BBy ! Next year dONT ya Bby ~

This is how i celebrated my valentine day this year.. HV a heavy dinner at Chilis..

Then went to watch movie with bloated stomach ~

this movie was kinda touching at the end ~ although i dont really fancy actioNs movie but I like the last part where Andy Lau falls on the buddha hands !














Monday, February 7, 2011

Carb food diet ~

Hey ppl..happie CNY !!!! hope u had a great CNY holidays.... During Cny u cant resist of keropok, can drinks all kinda of heaty food rite?? is time for you to reduce some weight to stay healthy !

here r some of the technique on how to control the amount of food u eat by eating the right food and all this was calculate by carb ~~

List of Carbohydrate Foods for Good Carbs
Raw or lightly cooked vegetable
Most whole fresh or frozen fruit
Beans, legumes, nuts and seeds
high fiber 100% whole grains

The basic bad carbs list includes:
All candies, jelly and jams,
Sodas, fruit juices, fruit drinks,
Pudding, custards and other sweets,
Processed refined grains, like white rice,
Bread and pasta made with any refined flour,
Cakes, cookies and other sweet bakery products.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EAt wonders and Diet at the same time ~

Diet: Day 1

BreakfastBowl of wholegrain cereal with soy milk (240 calories)
Coffee with soy milk (10 calories)
Total 250 calories

SnackBanana (100 calories)
Total 100 calories

1:45pm Lunch
Tomato and Cucumber Sandwich with Low Fat Mayonnaise(260 calories)
Orange Juice (100 calories)
Total 360 calories

SnackSmall Bag of Almonds (100 calories)
Total 100 calories

8:00pm Dinner
Baked Salmon with Steamed Broccoli & Garlic (350 calories)
Cup of Fresh Blueberries (120 calories)
Total 470 calories

Day 1 Total = 1280 calories

Diet: Day 2
8:45am Breakfast
2-Egg Omelette with Chopped Tomatoes (215 calories)
Black Coffee (9 calories)
Total 224 calories

SnackLow Fat Yogurt (90 calories)
Total 90 calories

1:10pm Lunch
6-8 pieces salmon avocado roll (300 calories)
Cup of green tea (10 calories)
Total 310 calories

3:30pm Snack
Chewy granola bar (130 calories)
Total 130 calories

7:00pm Dinner
Grilled Chicken Breast with Salad of Walnuts, Cranberries, Tomatoes (350 calories)
1 Glass of White Wine (120 calories)
Total 470 calories

8:50pm Snack
Frozen Cherries (100 calories)
Total 100 calories

Day 2 Total = 1324 calories

Diet: Day 3
9:30am Breakfast
Fruit Smoothie with Extra Soy & Flax Seed (250 calories)
English Breakfast Tea with Skimmed Milk (10 calories)
Total 260 calories

1:00pm Lunch
Vegetable Wrap with Hummus Spread (250 calories)
Diet Coke (0 calories)
3 Slices of Pineapple (100 calories)
Total 350 calories

5:20pm Snack
Protein Bar (200 calories)
Total 200 calories

8:00pm Dinner
Tuna Tartare (180 calories)
Edamame (100 calories)
Low Fat Brownie (100 calories)
Total 380 calories

9:30pm Snack
1 Cup Salted Popcorn (50 calories)
Total 50 calories

Day 3 Total = 1240 calories

You've probably noticed that this diet has a lot of snacks. Its actually been shown that it is possible to lose weight by reducing portion sizes and increasing the number of meals per day. Eating more meals can actually make you slimmer!

try it today ! you might lose some weight !

Monday, January 17, 2011


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Japanese Vending Maching Uses Biometric Technology to Charge You

That’s right, a new vending machine uses vein-reading technology to charge you for products, rather than the traditional coin slot or credit card reader. One caveat: “the system exploits your identity a bit in the process, using age and gender information on file to display an appropriate video ad while you enjoy your refreshment.”

I would like to try on this machine.. is sound so interesting...

This is how the machine look like..

U*tique luxury vending machine [ Touch, swipe and you’re done! ]

Do you ever think of buying beauty products through a vending machine? You might try to buy a drinks or even a snack before through a vending machine but not a beauty product right? I found this very interesting vending machine and thought of sharing with everyone out there..

It’s the new way to shop for luxury beauty products. I must say that vending machines never looked so inviting. Enter the U*tique vending machine that doles out beauty products from luxury brands like Lancome, Bliss, Chantecaille, C.O. Bigelow, Lancaster, ZIRH, Lipstick Queen and Zelens. Beauty vending machines are not a new thing, but the U*tique takes the concept to a whole new level. This luxury beauty products machine offers 50 selections at a time and is being continuously filled with new, handpicked products. While the interactive bright lights and buttons on the vending machine lure the customers, a touchscreen surface does the work of a salesperson. The automated thing lets the shoppers learn about the product and then dispenses them with a swipe of your credit card. A little robot brings your product safely to you. The U*tique vending machine is all about simplifying the shopping process. The machine makes shopping a real easy task. For now, these vending machines are only at the Fred Segal in Santa Monica, but U*tique has plans to launch the device globally.

This is how the vending machine look like.. you can buy the beauty products that u like through this vending machine is so easy and convenience..

Anyway, I still prefer to buy beauty products by walk in to the shops because you get to test the product itself and get some recommendation from the sales promoter.. Although this is quite easy and convenience but definitely not my choice.. how about you? what do you think about this vending machine?

Friday, January 14, 2011


胃火炽盛则痘痘长、牙龈肿、口角烂;肝火炽盛则头痛头晕、睡眠不稳;心火上炎则口腔溃疡咽痛咽干、失眠;肺热火炽则咽喉干疼、口干而渴。只有合理饮食调养,才能达到降火除热的目的。 ­  上火是一个中医名词,是人体阴阳失衡后出现的内热症。如果出现咽喉干痛、两眼红赤、鼻腔热烘、口干舌燥以及烂嘴角、流鼻血、牙痛等症状,中医就认为是“上火”了。而以五脏六腑为纲进行划分,上火主要有胃火、心火、肝火、肺火几种。

既然火气是吃出来的,那么对付也要从吃这个源头上抓起。 ­  新版《中国膳食指南》刚说到我们吃粗粮吃得不够,陈教授也强调,多吃粗粮可以预防胃火。贪吃辛辣、烧烤等刺激性食物,会使脾胃受损,内蕴化热,严重者口角会出现糜烂。对这样的“火”应多吃豆类、小米等粗粮和绿色新鲜蔬菜等,增加进食品种。其次是要多吃清淡食物。节日里许多年轻人睡得比平时少,虚火上升,很多女孩子还喜欢一边玩一边吃,瓜子、花生、巧克力等零食不离手,体内热量堆积太多,脸部发出很多痘痘。这样的“火”源自内热,所以吃得越清淡越有利于皮肤状况的改善。此外,多喝水是个好习惯,可以加速身体的新陈代谢。
百合绿豆粥:百合与绿豆的清热解毒和降火能力是得到大家公认的,绿豆味甘,性凉,具有清热解毒、消暑除烦、止渴健胃、利水消肿的功效。常食百合有润肺、清心之效,可止咳、止血、开胃。做起来也比较简单。将绿豆和百合煮15分钟后,再放入大米煮开后转小火,熬至粥粘稠合适后即可,适当加入冰糖。 ­  荸荠藕汁汤:选荸荠和鲜藕各250克,一起煎汤后,加入适量冰糖。分三天吃完,有润胃凉血降火的功效。 ­

经常熬夜引发第二把火——肝火 ­  

经常熬夜会打乱人体正常的作息时间,肝脏不能如期休息和排毒,于是只好加班加点将体内积存的杂质和毒素清除,这无疑加重了肝脏本身的负担,肝火也就随之“点燃”。难怪有些人在长假期间脾气见长,其实跟没睡好大有关系。 还有些肝火会表现为头痛头晕、耳鸣、眼干、口干舌燥、口苦口臭、两肋胀痛、睡眠不稳、身体闷热、舌苔增厚等。 ­  
防火要领:稳定情绪、充足睡眠 ­  

对于血压高、平时性子就比较急的人,要注意防范肝火来袭。这在中医上被称为“阳气素盛”,尽量不要生气,“怒易生火,易伤肝脏”,会引起肝气在体内堆积,从而导致肝气易结,气血不畅。防肝火,睡眠是很重要的一点,每天晚上12点前尽量入睡,如果做不到不熬夜,那么之后一定要补足睡眠。 ­  要预防肝火旺,除了睡眠足够、心情放松,一些简单的药材或食物也有助于清火,肝火旺盛的人,要多吃些木耳、菊花和莲子这样偏凉的食物。少吃辛辣、海腥、过腻过酸、煎炸食品,以及羊肉、海虾、肥肉、乌梅等,以免“火上浇油”。 ­  
降火食方:猪肝炒木耳、枸杞菊花茶 ­

思虑过度引发第三把火——心火 ­  
典型症状:口腔溃疡、咽痛咽干、失眠 ­

中医说“劳心思虑,过耗其真”,大致意思是太劳心了,就容易伤神。过年期间虽说大部分都是开开心心的,但家中的长者因为晚辈的出现,开心过了头或者操劳家务过了度,就会“心火元盛,神明不安”,也就是上了心火。心火也有虚实之分,一般来说,其中的虚火表现为低热、盗汗、心悸、心烦、失眠、健忘等,老年人特别是有心血管病的人常有此类症状;实火则表现为反复口腔溃疡、小便短赤、心烦易怒等,身体健壮的中青年人容易出现。 ­  
防火要领:稳定情绪、充足睡眠 ­  

既然心火大多是因为劳累或是开心过度引起的,那么对付的方法也从这两方面着手。陈教授提醒过年需要控制情绪,减少紧张,少生心事烦事。尤其是减少思虑那些迟延不决、处理繁杂、涉及众多人际关系的烦心事,以免心火气盛,诱发心脑血管疾病。多吃蔬菜水果对控制心火有帮助,辛辣食物、烟酒则要敬而远之啦,多运动。可以多食一些性寒而味苦的食物,如苦瓜、苦菜、百合、苦丁茶类,多食酸枣、红枣、百合或者干净的动物胎盘等补养心肾之品。 ­  
降火食方:冰糖莲子汤、苦瓜炒白果 ­  

冰糖莲子汤:虚火上升的人可常喝清心润燥的冰糖莲子汤,《本草纲目》记载莲子“清心去热”,除烦热、清心火、养心安神,对于心火内炽所致的烦躁不眠具有较好的疗用。 ­







简简单单瘦下半身吧!大家要加油哦! 小小的动作会有意想不到的收获哦!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


1. 適時運動,幫助血液排毒

2. 吃早餐,幫腸道排毒
在早上起床後的一小時內吃早餐能夠幫倡導做SPA, 這是激活腸道的自身排毒功能,促使人體消化系統排毒最有效的手段。腸道不僅是消化器官,也是免疫器官,吃一頓健康的早餐,還能夠激活體內免疫細胞的免疫力。最能激活腸道排毒功能的選擇是優酪乳,特備是含有益生菌的。每天早餐喝一杯優酪乳,不僅能供給身體所需的營養,還能幫助調節腸道內的菌群平衡,消滅腐敗菌,清除體內的代謝毒素。此外,益生菌還能促進腸道內的消化吸收,減少過多脂肪堆積,發揮瘦身的目的。不過,最好每週更換優酪乳的品種,不要長期飲用同一種,因為腸道會對優酪乳中的菌群產生惰性。可以選擇三四種優酪乳,每週更換一種飲用。

3. 刷牙排毒

4. 睡眠排毒

5. 在辦公桌上擺放綠色植物

6. 情緒排毒

7. 享受泡浴,幫肌膚排毒

8. DIY 排毒餐

9. 喝水幫腎臟排毒

10. 按壓穴位排毒

JOJO 自己的排毒方法:


美國知名電影網站TC Candle公布了「2010年百大最美臉蛋」,這個Most Beautiful Faces排行榜,純粹是以名人的五官面孔(只看頸部以上)來評分。

奪下全世界最美臉蛋第1名的人是卡蜜拉貝兒(Camilla Belle),這個擁有巴西血統的24歲清純美女,雖然在影壇上還沒有什麼代表作,但是擁有深邃立體的五官,美國人似乎還是很買帳。

第2名是永遠的「妙麗」艾瑪華特森(Emma Watson),聲勢如日中天的她,小小年紀已經是第5年進榜,網友認為她可以大刀闊斧地剪 「精靈系超型短髮」,證明她的確天生麗質,無庸置疑是新一代的時尚icon。

《花邊教主Gossip Girl》Queen B莉頓梅斯特(Leighton Meester)第4名
亞曼達塞佛瑞(Amanda Seyfried)第9名
凱特貝琴薩(Kate Beckinsale)第11名
綺拉奈特莉(Keira Knightley)第13名
娜塔莉波曼(Natalie Portman)第14名
韓國的宋慧喬 第18名
日本名模佐佐木希 第33名
史嘉莉喬韓森(Scarlett Johansson)第42名
潔西卡艾芭(Jessica Alba)第53名
性感炸彈梅根福克斯(Megan Fox)第64名
女神卡卡(Lady Gaga)第83名

我想拥有像蕭亞軒(ELVA HSIAO)的臉蛋,瓜子臉,立廷的鼻子,混血儿的外表!太赞了~为有整形才可以!我想太多了!



看看以下的照片是不是心动了呢?好漂亮的睡房!我真想拥有它!如果有了它不出门也没关系~ 享受一杯浓浓的咖啡看着杂志 哇!真是人生的一大享受! 我想这也只好在我梦中实现 ~