WeLcoMe tO my WonderLaND !

thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Monday, May 16, 2011


OMG!!! is been a month i didnt sleep well.. pimples on my face keep poping out... i hate it.. too many things to do each day ~ i wiSh i hv the time to rest more... Im not feeling well right now.. maybe coz of yesterday shooting... a raining day with 2 air-cond on and a strong fan blowing me more than 40 minutes... OMG!!! then i go under the rain to shoot the sports car .. My family members used to call me puteri lilin.. coz i cant go under the rain i will fall sick very easily.. bt due to profession im force to do so.. and now i hv slightly running nose with sore throat.. I HATE SICK ! kinda suffering right now.. sometime i wonder izzit worth to do so hMm ~~~


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