WeLcoMe tO my WonderLaND !

thX fOr speNding yOur tiMe aNd reAd thrU my blOgs ! *aPPreciate Lots *

Monday, December 27, 2010


This xmas eve i went to a K session with my secondary classmate [ my best buddy ] .. I found out something.. one of my fren name JOE EE he can sing like Khalil FOng.. at first i dont really believe coz I heard his voice b4 when we were in Form 5.. he dont really want to take the mic and even he take it he also sing kinda soft.. so wasnt really notice his voice.. but on xmas eve my fren told me he can sing like khalil i was like are you sure..? and he perform it live.. OMG!!!!!!!!! exactly the same.. !! so impressive.. he sing the song that are not khalil also sound like khalil!!! to me i had a feeling like khalil is in the K room.. hahah good job JOE EE.. We are asking him to join singing competition.. i think he can really be an artist 1 day... THUMB UP to him.. here's the short clip that sang by him:

in case to those who do not know who is Khalil there's a Khalil picture below..

do you hv the same thinking as me ?? his voice like Khalil...

My xMas Gift ..

This year I get the largest dimension gift from my beloved Bby Bby.. haha A Canon printer..=)I wanted to buy a printer for a long time d..coz the previous 1 spoil d.. but he didnt tell me he gonna buy that and suddenly he came to my hse with hand holding the big box.. unexpected! he's da one who ask me not to waste money to buy present therefore i listen to him and I did not buy anything but he went to buy present for me without telling me.. =-=" ! but i appreciate it.. THX BBY BBY for the gift.. =)

I dont really like gift that is not useful after since 18.. coz i found out that my room full of bears, key chains and all unnecessary stuff.. i dont know should i keep it or throw it or give it to the other.. but at the end I make a choice of keeping it.. therefore my room is just like full of stuff.. and it makes my room kinda dusty .. Therefore, the present for my BBy and myself are no longer unnecessary things.. is all useful =)

Kah CHun and ShirLey wedding ..

yesterday went to my cousin wedding dinner at golden dragonboat restaurant at KG.PANDAN, KL. There is 80tables.. which mean the hall has 800 people OMG!!! you may thinking wow it will be so crowded..surprisingly it wasnt not.. it doesnt seem like there're 800people.. maybe the hall too big.. there're still plenty of place to walk around.. =) the food taste bad ! and it takes such a long time to serve the dish ~ the worst thin is there's no entertainment that is why I felt bored..

I been attending people's wedding every year and being their witness! i felt so proud and happy for them..hope they hv a wonderful life and live happily ever after.. =)

There're are some picture I took yesterday nite.. Hope u enjoy see-ing it.. =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


last saturday was a fun day with a group of cool ppl, [ derrick , mike , masayo , jessica, peggy ] I had lots of fun shooting with them... although the shooting is start from 7pm - 2am.. but when i saw the outcome is like WOW !!! thx mike for making me doesnt look like myself.. and thx peggy @ peggmode for the wonderful outfit.. not to forget jessica for doing the make up... u guys are so great ! To those who browse through my facebook im sure u guys have seen the picture... But here comes some behind the scene picture... check it out... ~

JOJO with the designer PEGGY ~

JOJO with make up artist JESSICA

JESSICA applying make up on me..

Self Snap ~

The process

JESSICA applying make up on me

I love this style so much !

This is my favourite picture among all.. what do you think ?

HAHA ~ my sis said i look like janice dickinson in this picture.. Do u think so too? let's see ~~ hMmm ! she's so much nicer in all ways..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Heya.. How are you? Is been quite sometime till the last time i update my blog.. this whole month was busy with assignment and eXam.. I hv no time to take a breath.. I hv plenty of stuff to share with u guys but let me settle my 2 video that needed to be edit, a script writing and a photobook assignment i wiLl post them up one by one.. although is a little outdate but I will try my best to Update my current activities as much and as soon as possible.. =)

3more days is X'mas.. is like a glimpse of eyes then is the end of the year alr.. Maybe due to my busy routine that why time passes so fast.. the worst thing is im gonna turN 21 years old soon.. OMG!!!!! im so old.... sO envy those who are 18.. ! i admit im old d.. is time for me to retire.. haha yeah RETIRE !!!! How i wish ~

Now days wake up so early in the morning and sleep late at nite to rush all my assignment coz there will be no semester break.. as soon as u finish ur work then the remaining days b4 10th jan 2011 is ur holiday.. OMG!!! so pity la.. all the pimples, eye bag and dark circle visit me d.. Sighh !!! Is not easy to be in the production line.. gotta work 10X harder than other job.. the worst part is there's no working hours.... they will just tell u 9am - 5pm.. but that will never happen in production line...

So gotta stay strong and work hard !!!!!!!! PPL out there.. let's work hard together !!!

have u make ur 2011 wish??? or you have not decide what is ur wishes?

tell you the truth I dont really believe in making wish.. Coz it will never come true.. continuous 3 years I been making wishes.. not even 1 of my wish come true.. How bad is that ..sigh! some ppl say is all depend on ur mindset.. ya I keep it clear and set my own goal.. but somehow it will never happen... =( ANyway, I wiLL still continue to make my wish because you will never know in one day your dream will come true.. so pray hard for me ya.. =) and I will pray hard for u.. !

Saturday, December 18, 2010

















我觉得超准的~看看你的准不准~ 我是牡羊座 =)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Studio portrait ..

Me and my classmate was doing this studio photoshoot for our assignment.. Although is not easy but with aLL the lovely people we get to overcome all kind of challenge.. and we just hand it up on yesterday.. =) at last i can cancel of 1 assignment on my list.. hehe ! but there're more to come ! sighh !!! wiLl be very busy till end of december i think.. exam coming soon but no time to study also.. sighh !

This studio portrait is a little challenge because i never try to make up myself at this concept and this make up style is like more to drawing technique.. i just look at the picture as a reference and i draw it on my own face! luckily 1 time i did it... no time to do practice also.. here is the different.. Im still a new learner need to improve more on different style of make up..

Our concept for this shooting is wild fashion .. we name the 5 pictures that we choosen as
A LA MODE WILD , COOLISH WILD, MYSTIQUE WILD, and another 2 i forgot! =)






sHootiNg dAy ..

2dae another exhausted day.. although i Lost my Voice and hv fever , cough but still couldnt rest gotta go for my final assignment shooting.. my scene on thursday was under the rain and it wasnt easy.. 2dae another challenge .. we went to gasing hiLls.. aLot of mosquito OMG!!! i hate mosquito.. although i hv mosquito repellent but it seem not really working..after the whole day shooting i only realize i hv 15 red spots on my legs.. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the mosquito at the jungle are so scary ! really pray hard it will recover and dont leave any scar on my leg.. My legs damn pity last time i hit on my bed frame then get 2 scars on my right leg.. that day do a shooting in college then hurt my left leg... aihzz doing broadcasting is like hurting urself all the time, get sweaty and smelly ! bt love what im doing right now ! although tiriNg but hope the final outcome is great and everthing is worth it!

This is the Gasing jungle ~

here is the pic at the jungle.. where we spend like 2 hours shooting it..

Look at my pity Leg .. *sob SOb* =(

Hate scar ~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

drama shoot ..

exhausted tuesday.. 2day was so so so tiring.. wAnna noe why?? continue reading my blog and you will noe what had happened to me 2day.. =)

2day we are suppose to shoot 1 scene for my final project video.. due to the bad weather [ heavy rain ] we changes our plan.. we bring forward another scene to take over the scene where we had plan to shoot... and I did something which I didnt do it for quite sometime d.. I think the last time I did it was in the Netball competition.. other than that umbrella is a must for me..

HAHAH !!! im running under the super duper heavy rain with no umbrella... !!! OMG! my whole body was wet ..but i still trying my best to look good infront of the camera. the best thing is i didnt bring extra clothes.. As i mentioned above this scene suppose to shoot on another day but due to bad weather we changes our plan.. therefore no preparation...

shooting under the rain is not fun!!!
1st you will get dirty,
2nd you will get wet
3rd you will smell horrible

if is not my own assignment i dont think i will do that man!!! no payment ntg... but you taking the risk of fall sick !!! i hate sick.. coz it takes a long time for me to recover.. after that shoot I need to be in the college another 3 hours only i get to go home.. the worst is im under the full air-condition situation.. is like wet + air = freezing ! however, thx to my classmate they also co-operate quite well so that we can done this shoot in kinda fast...

Running under the rain is just 1 of the task i did for the day.... another scene b4 running under the rain was running down to the 2 and half floor staircase.. shooting drama disadvantage is that you gotta do it over and over again for different angle when you have only 1 DV cam.. My muscle was pulling ..i think is because i didnt do strecthing b4 the shoot and my running speed was quite fast and keep repeating the same actions running up and down therefore causes my muscle cant react...

After all this shooting.. me and my classmate rehearsal and planning for our thursday dancing scene where we need to dance in the MTV for our final project as well.. im suck at dancing and im taking this challenge.. really hope that i look ok in the scene !!!

this 3 task for the day had taken my energy off.. now still feel headache and dizzy !!!! hope after a nite i will be much better..

good luck foR my final projects ya..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

X'mas Collection photoshoot ~

2day went to a photoshoot session.. Is not the usual photoshoot session coz i been lying down on the table without moving for 1 hour.. and my head is tilted towards the left ..therefore my whole body weight is using my left leg to support.. my leg was cramp and numb.. this photoshoot wasn't easy .. I cant move coz the photographer setting their lights, if i move a little the lighting will be different and they need to set the lights again..

The pose seem to look easy, comfortable and relax.. but tell you what it is not ! Although im suffer in pain but i still need to look great infront of the camera..and be ready all the time !
Is not easy to shoot a human with products.. need to meter it , lighting correct , angle correct and many more.. this pictures taken with 5 flashes.. once the camera click WOW ! the flash is like woW woW woW.. so strong !

However, Well done to the photographer.. [ Andrew Pang, Celine, Izani Karim, Kelvin Ng] Although the shooting was painful + tiring but the outcome was so nice !! my cramp + pain for 1 hour is worth it.. !!

*clap clap *

the below is the picture..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Photoshoot sessioN ..

woW.. a tiriNg day.. went to studio for a photoshoot session for our assignment.. is a studio potrait shoot..
I Wake up early in da morning and start to do the make up.. coZ da make up is a lil wiLd and dramatic.. I didnt try to do that on my own b4.. today was the first time.. afraid i cant handle well bt luckily everything goes well and i get more or less the same as the picture that i refer to.. ^^
After complete everything will post it up and share with all of u..

2moro onwards will be a super busy day till end of december.. OMG!!! lots of shooting , editing.. almost everyday schedule is from 9am - 6pm sometime till late nite summore ..OMG!!! i really need to take good careof myself if not i fall sick then it will be so troublesome...

Wish me luck ppl ~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"The challenge" short drama

This is the full production by me and my classmate.. include planning, shooting and editing.. the only thing that we did not involve is the script writing.. the script is done by my lecturer Mr.Cyrus ..

Now I realize that wasnt easy to shoot a short drama.. although is just a 2minutes show but it takes 3 hours to shoot.. We have to concern alot of things like lighting , angle , dialogue and many more... the same dialogue gotta shoot atlease 3 times to get a different angle..some even shoot the same scene but with 4-5 different angle.. this is due to we have only 1 video camera so that we cant roll the camera at the same time.. this had made our job more complicated and tiring.. i wonder my final assignment for this semester is 1 drama and 1 MTV omg !!!! it will take up alot of time to do that.. from idea, script writing , storyboard, planning, shooting, editing .. alot of work to do...

Sunday 14.11.2010

wow ~ so fast middle of the month d.. soon 2010 gotta end after a glimpse of eyes.. this year passes so fast and soon im turning 21years old and I will get old d.. oh nOoooo!~

today is the only day of the week i could sleep for a longer time.. i woke up at 11am and clean up my entire room + wash my car.. tired tired !

My sis and I planned to cook western food for our Brunch+dinner since we are all at home and usually weekend either im working or we are out.. today is the day where we can hv some fun cooking..so we started to cook mushroom soup, lamb chop, smash potatoes and also make some salad.. all the dishes taste good .. is been more than a year i didnt have steak for my meal.. I dont really fancy steak coz is fattening.. After this meal i need to workout extra 3 hours at gym d.. this week was so busy and i only able to go to gym 3 times.. sighh sighh ~ hope the coming week im able to workout at gym everyday..
i love the mushroom soup.. so creamy.. i add in alot of grey +white mushroom.. I love mushroom but i duwan to be a mushroom .. LOL~

Homemade salad, smash potatoes, garlic bread, lamb chop

sAturday - Shooting Day

yesterday was a tiring day.. after friday Chopard event tot of get a good sleep coz i reach home quite late that nite..but saturday gotta wake up early in the morning for photoshoot..

10am -1am photoshoot at TTDI park

2.30pm - 5.30pm photoshoot at Kota damansara studio

morning photoshoot was so sweaty and HOt.. I think i get dark after that photoshoot.. Shooting at outdoor wasnt that pleasent.. you will get smelly , sticky, mosquito and insects bites.. But was fun with the photographers..

the following is the studio shoot photo..

thx Celine for the nice photos..

Friday 12.11.2010

Friday early morning went to college for 3 different assignment discussion.. have plenty of assignment on hand and most of the assignment due date was 2 weeks time.. OMG!!!! this whole week everynight go to bed at 1am + bt get up at 7am.. i really have not enough sleep and my eyes is so tiring.. mentally and physically tired ! my class schedule summore is 9am - 6pm.. sometime rushing for assignment we stat back till 9pm at nite.. is even longer than a normal working hours..

After discussion.. went to Mandarin oriental Hotel for Chopard event.. This event is the celebration for Chopard 150 anniversary... Chopard had came out a new product with the theme of animal.. Bernie Chan was the MC of the event.. although is tiring but had fun working with lots of foreigner models... Still waiting for the photographer to send me the photos will upload it once i get the photo..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wires Mess up PC1 !

I was doing my video editing in the computer lab and there're lots of wires around.. and I wanted to connect to the internet so I plug out the cable and link to my laptop... Not only that I forgotten to bring my mouse so i took the mouse wire out from the CPU and plug into my laptop.. All the wire and cables are being tight up so I was trying to loosen it and eventually the wires are all around under the table and 1 word to describe it is MESS !
look at the wires.. is everywhere !

My Design in the College Gallery ..

2 days ago i went to my college gallery to stay up till 9pm for my group discussion and suddenly I saw a pc of work that look similiar like mine.. So i walk nearer to take a look.. OMG !!!! my piece of work is being display in the gallery.. this is actually 1 of my final assignment for the previous semester.. I choosen the option 2 which is create an ambient ads to promote college .. I didnt aspect my artwork will be there coz all those artwork that being display in the gallery is all nice + superb work.. mine is just normal and i consider it as ugly also.. im not good in designs, drawing and software.. It was a suprise when I saw my work there.. !

ON the left is my artwork and on the right is 1 of the college achievement event ..

grandpa bdae

Last friday was Deepavali.. I went to my grandpa house to overnight ...is been quite sometime till the last time i went there and visit them.. At the same time we celebrated My grandpa bdae in advance although his bdae is actually 2moro 12.11.2010 .. SO i bought this cake from a SS2 cake shop.. I cant remember the cake shop name bt it is just the same roll as the King's ... the cake flavor is so unique.. is a combination of yam cake + pandan cake.. my grandpa cant have very sweet or fattening food.. So this cake is a good choice. Not so sweet and no cream .. the best thing is, it is daily homemade so is absolutely fresh .. ! the taste was so great *thumB up* ! this is the first time i try such a flavor for the cake.. although the design is abit old fashion but i would rather go for the taste quality than the outlook..

if you see it clearly you can notice the top part is actually purple in colour so that is the YAM flavor and the bottom part in green is PANDAN flavor .. it cost only RM40 for 1kg.. reasonable ...
My lovely grandpa..

1 week oF tiriNg + stress routine..

Phew.. fiNally i hv time to update my blog d.. bEen busy for the entire week.. lots of assignments.. nOw i hv another 5 assignment on hand all due in 2 weeks.. OMG!!! i been slept for only 6 hours everyday but I stay infront of the coMputer for more than 12 hours.. eyes pain , backache , headache and sleepy.. What i hate the most is pimples visit me ! arghh !!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Violin Class

FiNally get to arrange a time for my violin class.. started the very first lesson.. but i have no knowledge about violin so the teacher would rather spend half and hour time to explain to me the basic violin things than teaching the practical..
I still havent get my violin yet will be going down to Sg.Wang to look for 1 which my teacher recommended to me on this sunday.. It cost Rm380 - Rm450 .. Do you have any recommendation shop which I can get violin? Feel like go around few more shops to look for different design.. But I have no idea where..hmm~

I just need few simple thing for my violin :

1. 4/4 [ FULL] Size

2. Preferable Dark brown color

3. 4 Fine tuners

the below is one of the violin that my teacher had :

so cool rite?? cant wait to have one..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Studio ..

iS tuesday night.. the time now is 12.35am.. i should say It is wednesday now.. hHAh im still awake to update my bloggie.. Morning ppl ~

2moro replacement class gotta get up at 7am again..arghh !! hate morning class..i dont get enough sleep.. =( however I enjoy 2day classes..2day went to studio once again for the audio engineering class..it was awesome.. I get to learn how to edit those audio mixer sound effect.. and We created a iron man movie trailer sound with the avril lavigne when you're gone ! it so awesome.. Love hanging around at the studio with the mixer i can do wonders.. ^^ now adays I had learned alot of editing.. not only for audio bt also for video.. it is fun to play it.. bt some how it looks very complicated ! Still not very familiar with it..still at the learning stage..Staying at the studio is much more better than in the class.. Hate wording.. bt Love practical.. ^^

this is how the studio look like.. with the keyboard + audio mixer + speakers + computer..

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Child's Eyes~

Yesteday after work went to One Utama to watch my Long waited Movie.. The Child's eyes.. The poster look interesting and I heard alot of ppl comment about this movie was scary, the 3D effect was good and not bad.. I actually wanted to watch last thursday with my classmate but at the end couldnt make it.. Finally I get to watch yesterday..

However, this movie is not what i expected.. the storyline was bad, the 3D effect just some part only, too many graphic which cant really link with the movie, the message wasnt really clear enough, the scary part also not that scary... It seem like a horror movie more than a scary movie.. aLot of part also had shown the ghost shadow.. think logically a ghost does not hv shadow but when shooting atlease try to avoid the shadow being shown, but unfortunately u can see the ghost shadow quite clearly in this movie.. and it makes the character look fake.. alot of part also look kinda fake and jump scene!

If i were to rank this movie I give 3/10 .. not a good 1.. disappointed !

KLPF 2010 @ Mid Valley Sunday ~

The Last day of KLPF 2010 is me again at the nikonian booth.. DOing the same things as yesterday but dress up in a different outfit.. 2day outfit are more elegant , but 2nd outfit is more to the show girl type of dressing..

Today are more crowded as compare to yesterday.. I been smiling non stop for more than 30 minutes.. My jawbone so painful..

check out the picture below :

30 minutes shooting session on stage

30 minutes shooting session on stage

At the Nikonian Booth

Sunday, October 31, 2010

KLPF @ Mid Valley 2010 [ Saturday ]

KLPF 2010 entrance
On stage for 30 minutes shooting session ..

ON stage for 30 minutes shooting session..

Im once again in the KLPF.. been joining this KLPF events for the past 3years.. every year is getting more and more exciting.. This year im so happy that I could work with a bunch of lovely people from the nikonian again.. On the saturday, Im suppose to dress up a lil africa + safari to promote the new lauching of the National Georaphic Bags.. thx Michelle for the outfit.. ! Although in just short 2 hours job [ 5.30pm - 7.30pm].. but I enjoy myself alot and had lots of fun... ~

Nielsen Survey ~

On saturday.. 30th of October went to Crystal Crown Hotel at PJ with my beloved classmate Angeline to attend a survey that held by Nielsen..

It is the RED FM a new english radio station survey... The survey is about the types of songs that the 18 - 40 years old people would prefer or like to hear from the radio station..

the survey starts form 10am - 2pm and in this 4 hours duration i been listening to 750 english song.. OMG!!!!! After that session i dont wish to listen to any song !!

We been sitting in the freezing hall for 4hours and the table is just so uncomfortable.. the environment makes me recall back when my SPM exam.. a pencil with an eraser with the question paper.. that is what we get on the table..

Although what we need to so is just rate the song from unlike to favorite but imaging u listening to 750 songs in just one morning..i dont think you will open up your ears to hear the song that being played after maybe 400 songs? iS not an easy task.. !!! however, we been rewarded with Rm100 token..


Look at the 750 songs rating list.. OMG!!

I need to shade the Song that I dislike or like.. rank them according to my preference ..DOnt you think look like OMR paper?

Angeline with my OMR paper.. LOL!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy weekend..

2moro wiLl be a busy day for me.. early morning 8am gotta meet up my angel Aka. Angeline at
jaya one... we need to attend a seminar at the Crystal Crown Hotel from 8.30am - 1pm.. 4and half hour OMG!

then I need to register for my violin class...

once im done with that I need to rush home and put on make up and then get ready to the KLPF 2010..

This year KLPF was held at Mid Valley..If u are free kindly drop by ya.. ^^ I will be there at 5:30pm - 7:30 pm .. !

On sunday once again i will be at the event from 5pm - 7pm..

A busy weekend !!! Another week will just pass with the glimpse of eyes... October just ended the way it is.. time pass really fast ! is almost the end of the year...

Friday, October 29, 2010

You know, women are not really demanding, We just want few simple things~

What Women want? Scroll down to find out more ~

A simple looking guy

A simple yet normal ring

A small wedding dinner at the hotel

A Sweet honeymoon

A small house for the kids to run around

1 or maybe 2 cute children

A family man husband

A husband that work hard + earn well

A small car for shopping

A bigger car for family

A few personal collection

A few shoes

Some decent outfits

Basic comestic

Some make up kit

Just one overseas trip every year

2 or 3 domestic trips

Romantic candle light dinner

Occasional presents

Some luxury treatment

and finally some securities

Just few simple demand ~ is so reasonable.. !
I wish I could live in that kind of life.. but it will only happen in my dream.. So I will keep dreaming for the seek of syok sendiri ^^