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Sunday, April 3, 2011

fried ginseng??

the b4 being fried ginseng and after being fried ginseng..

TO those who went to Korea b4 im sure u tasted different kind of fried food there.. spicy and fried is one of their culture style for food..

today im here to introduce to u Fried Ginseng... Im sure u heard b4 ginseng chicken one of the famous dish in Korea and ginseng go along with soup.. but fried ginseng.. hmm ~~ perhaps you dont even know there's such thing..

Ginseng is not cheap and it has alot of benefits.. you might think that it is wasted because such a good product once is being fried all the nutrient might be gone.. but dont you think it worth it to have a try??

each fried ginseng cost only 1000won.. is really worth to have a try..

it looks like fried sotong..


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